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"The [guidance] has been a blueprint for me and has served as a springboard for much research into a variety of topics. I never realized how much experience I had in so many fields and am now trying to parlay these experiences into a healthcare consultant and professional speaking firm.  . . . [it] has helped me identify my strengths, but more importantly, my weaknesses."

 ---  Internist, Florida

"You've  helped me crystallize what I want. I was able to break through  . . and see how much I've learned and how much I can offer.  It's been great in getting me focused."

---Internist, California

"Francine helped me clarify a longstanding struggle about retraining within medicine.  She helped me see where my heart wanted to go and supported me with incisive questions and empowering encouragement along the way."

---ER Physician, Florida

"You provided insightful and powerful coaching support that enabled me to more specifically define my goals, determine how I would achieve them and execute a strategy to realize them."

---Dermatologist, Pennsylvania

"This is getting me closer in touch with who I am. Your critical eye definitely makes a difference in context and business speak.  I like the effect very much. 

Somehow I'm not good at this on my own . . . "

----VPMA, Michigan

"I've been developing a . . . . service.   Francine helped me think through the packaging and marketing aspects.  Every time we talk I get better business ideas."

---Entrepreneur, New Mexico

"I believe I have an edge going into these calls and meetings that I never had before because I know more about what they are really thinking."

---Physician Executive, Seattle

"Speaking with you has brought clarity to my journey . . I am energized!"

---Surgeon, MD, MBA   Massachusetts


“Just for your files, I thought I would tell you what I am now doing. After working last year to raise funds for a cultural competency training program at our pediatric residency and succeeding to win a $450,000 NIH grant, I became interested in fund raising as a profession. One thing lead to another; I went to a week long training in non-profit fundraising; I made a proposal to our hospital foundation and now I am a full time fund raiser for the hospital.  My new title is “Director of Major Gifts/Physician Liaison.  I am using all my past connections and experience but I don’t see patients anymore. I give tours to potential donors and facilitate the efforts of parents who want to help us raise funds. I am organizing an alumni association for the residency.  I also have organized a committee of staff physicians to  maximize physician input in hospital fundraising. It's fun and creative work.
Who knew?”  

---C.H., Pediatrician

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