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Is 2008 going to be the "break through year" for you? 

Dear Physician Colleague,

You spoke, and I heard you! 

What I heard is that many of you are feeling like you've 

  • Hit your income ceiling
  • Dropped deep into a "creativity chasm" or 
  • Are stuck in professional doldrums

I have been hard at work over the past two years creating new programs tailored especially to help you break through:  

Proven strategies to create additional streams of revenue without adding more patients to your day, without leaving your practice, and without taking time from your busy day.  

Join me and a select group of your physician colleagues who are also high-energy, forward-thinking, and ready to create new avenues to express their skills, talents, and above all, their commitment to improving healthcare.

If you are one of these select physicians, please explore these Physician Career Success Institute programs that are sure to accelerate your progress:

"Speaking in Business and Leadership"

"Is Poor Communication Sabotaging Your Success as a Physician Leader or Entrepreneur?  What You Need to Know About Strategic Leadership Communication in Order to Foster Collaboration, Influence Others and Feel More Confident in Business" 

As a leader and business professional, it is incumbent upon you to lead the way and model the change you want to create. This requires advanced communication skills that most of us never learned in medical school.

And unfortunately, even those physicians with exemplary patient-interviewing skills, or those who have earned an MBA, never learn strategic business communication skills they will need to be a force for change.    See you next year!


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"Physician Career Innovators Master Class"

If you are in career doldrums or ready to start planning strategically about where to go next...

Get the scoop about what you should start doing NOW to groom yourself for advancement, promotion, transition, or just more excitement in your medical career

"Physician Career Innovators Master Class"  is delivered on Eight Tuesdays over 6 months starting in Fall 2008

learn more about this program

  Note:  Early bird tuition 


"Leverage Your Knowledge With Information Products"

If You Thought Publishing A Book Or Putting On A Seminar Were Impossible Tasks, There's Finally An Easier Way...the Internet!

Discover How The Power Of New Technologies Makes It Easy For You To Create And Profit From Your Own e-Book Or Audio Seminar"

"Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell With Information Products" Program is delivered over 3 months, next program starts Fall 2008.

learn more about this program

  Note:  Early bird tuition 

I look forward to helping you make this a "break out" year!


Francine Gaillour, MD









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