Physician, Is Leaving Medicine Your Best Next Career Move?

I counsel a lot of physicians in my role as Executive Coach. Many of my physician clients are in the midst of career change, career crisis, career upheaval, and sometimes career adventure when they first come to see me. Sometimes it’s very clear after our initial Strategy Meeting (which takes almost 3 days) that the […]

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The “4-Hour Work Week for Physicians – how about 40-hour work week?

Here is my Assistant, Kelly Johnson, who not only handles a huge number of administrative tasks for me, but is also an important “voice” of my company and brand. She is my right hand partner, even though I’m on the West Coast and Kelly is the Rocky Mountain area. There is a book that is […]

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What Direction Can Your Physician Career Take? Three Determinants to Examine

I am preparing for a workshop I’ll deliver after the first of the year for a group of Healthcare-MBA program at the University of California-Irvine. One of the comments that has already come up from the group is this: “I just finished my MBA, but I’m lost about what to do next.” Whether or not […]

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