TEAMWORK in PCMH: How Well Are Health Systems Developing This Competency?

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an idea whose time has come—although it’s not a new concept.  Internal Medicine, Family Physicians and Pediatricians all claim to have proposed this idea 20+ years ago. In fact, for those of us who were practicing 20 years ago PCMH sounds like the way we practiced all the time […]

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Physician Leaders Benefit From Revisiting “The Fifth Discipline”

A  conversation with a leader this week prompted me to recommend Peter Senge’s excellent classic, The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization.  Originally published in 1994, Senge introduces the concept of “the learning organization.’ I recall health systems were enthusiastic about this concept many years ago, and I discern an uptick […]

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A Mentoring Guide for Academic Physician Leaders

If you are an Academic Medicine faculty member, the role of “mentor” is frequently included in your role description.  How do you know whether you are doing that job well? Perhaps your only hint is your frustration that your junior colleagues are not showing the improvement you hoped for. On the flip side, are you […]

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What Will be Your Legacy as a Physician?

I’ve heard some physicians wonder out loud if their career has been “wasted” – either because they were on a path that wasn’t a good fit, or they spent years focusing on accumulating and worrying, rather than on contributing and enjoying.  The question is one of personal value:  Am I measuring up? And by whose […]

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Being Professonal I – Don’t Embarrass Others

Just because you wear a white coat doesn’t mean you’re professional!

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Are You Bringing “Leadership Energy” to Your Healthcare Team?

What would you say is your #1 job as a physician leader? Smart ideas, “vision”, keeping others docs in line?

While your role description includes many items including managing your staff, improving clinical effectiveness, reducing errors and other key responsibilities, as the manager of teams who are comprised of humans, not machines, I suggest your team needs something from you above all…

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