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“Physician, HEEL Thyself” Tells a Sad Tale of Physicians and Nurses

My eye caught what I thought was a typo in the New York Times last week: HEEL…. instead of HEAL… “Physician, Heel Thyself” is a biting story by Theresa Brown, a nurse and NYT blogger, about her experience getting verbally clubbed by a physician.  Ouch…. I felt embarrassed for my profession.  It is shocking to […]

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Arrogant and Disruptive – Doctors Behaving Badly

Here we go again, bad boy (and girl) doctors causing problems with colleagues AND putting patients at risk.  An article in the December 1, 2008, issue of the New York Times, Arrogant, Abusive and Disruptive–and a Doctor, reminds us once again about an issue that is NOT being addressed well within hospitals and health systems.

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