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Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE is a dynamic, nationally recognized speaker on healthcare leadership, physician career evolution, and the impact of technology on both physicians and consumers and the physician-patient relationship.

Using heart and humor, she inspires healthcare audiences to embrace the tremendous changes occurring in healthcare–changes that can spell opportunity for those organizations and physicians who are not only prepared, but also are fearless!

See select speaking topics below.

Dr. Gaillour is a member of the National Speakers Association.

Please contact Dr. Gaillour about speaking at your next event. Send an email to francine@physicianleadership.com or call (206) 686-4205

What organizations and clients are saying:“Dr. Gaillour recently conducted a seminar for the Paul Merage School of Business’s Third Annual Executives Conference. Her presentation was excellent and engaging. The content was filled with practical tools and techniques which I was able to apply immediately. She was an engaging leader and knowledge expert. I would highly recommend Dr Gaillour to any physician looking to move from clinical practice into the management world.”—Daniel Cusator, MD, MBA, CMO, Providence Health Services“Your insightful comments [on leadership] provided a solid framework for the day . . . a very successful program . . . attributable in great part to your participation.” —Dr. David Lerman, Kaiser Permanente Board of Directors

“Francine presented at our health care executive symposium for UC Irvine and was excellent in giving us more input as to how we can implement our MBA status as health care professionals. She worked with us via various exercises that allowed us to further analyze our strengths and weaknesses as well as how to introduce ourselves in the world of business. I would highly recommend her services for others. She is professional, kind, and very knowledgeable.”

Ati Hakimi, MD, MBA, VA Medical Center, Salinas, CA

“Your presentation more than lived up to our expectations. Your powerful insights in this arena were a wonderful lesson in real world experience. They will enable [us] to act more effectively as a force inspiring clinicians to lead change.”

—Dr. David Masuda, University of Washington

“The Physician Executives of Georgia had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Francine Gail lour speak to the group on the topic “Authentic Leadership: It’s Personal” at our March meeting. Drawing from her own experience as a practicing physician, as well as working with numerous physicians going through transitions, she was able to identify key strategies that were applicable to all of us.

She kept the topic exciting, and built in enough “audience participation” to keep the attendees engaged. The evaluations returned by the physicians after the session were uniformly positive, with interest expressed by many for a follow up workshop with Francine in the future. I am happy to recommend her, either to individuals in need of coaching, or to groups looking for a talented speaker who delivers the goods on personal leadership development! ”

—David N. Westfall, MD, CPE, President, Physician Executives of Georgia

“Your keynote presentation was quite well received and was an appropriate and timely topic…..especially since so many of the audience are in the middle of developing an integrated system. I especially enjoyed the two hour session with the medical directors in the morning. The topics you raised were of clear high value….I think especially for this group where the degree of formal leadership training is limited/variable.”

—Christopher M. Mathews, M.D., Corporate Medical Director Community Health Plan of Washington

“We really appreciated your ‘rallying’ the docs . . . we were inspired to move forward with conviction . . . your engaging and humorous manner, along with your experience, is great for serious healthcare providers.”

—Dr. Peter Springsteen, Medical Director IS, Munson Healthcare

Audiences and venues:

  • Healthcare delivery organization conferences and leadership seminars
  • Healthcare industry sales and marketing meetings
  • Hospital and medical staff grand rounds
  • Medical conventions
  • Healthcare executive retreats
  • Technology and pharmaceutical conferences
  • Healthcare investor and financial forums
  • Consumer health advocacy group meetings

Select Speaking and Seminar Topics:

TWO NEW Speaking Programs: “Five Megatrends in Healthcare Affecting Physician Self-Identity: A Field Guide for Healthcare Executives Who Want to Retain and Engage Physicians”
“Rocking Healthcare Transformation:  What Your Part?


Workshops and Training for Healthcare Delivery Teams:

  • Authentic Leadership for Emerging Physician Leaders
  • Transformational Leadership: Developing the Essential “Soft Skills”
  • The Art of Influence: Enrolling Your Colleagues in Change and Transformation
  • Teamwork in Healthcare: How to get from “Why Us?” to “What Can We Take On Next?!”

Select Speaking Events:

Dr. Francine Gaillour has delivered the following speaking programs across the country:

Community Health Plan of Washington
Authentic Leadership
Southern Medical Association
Authentic Leadership: Four Facets of Transformation
St. Luke’s Medical Society
Reclaiming the Art of Medicine
Physician Executives of Georgia
Authentic Leadership: It’s Personal —- Managing Your Self So Others Follow Enthusiastically and Results are Achieved Easily
Healthcare Roundtable for COOs
Beyond the VPMA: Selecting, Sponsoring and Coaching Physicians to be Transformational Leaders
Novartis Physician Consultants Conference
Leading Physicians to the Next Level of Healthcare Customer Service
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
Physician Leadership in Transition: Continuity of Vision and Values
The University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program
New Physicians Executives: How Are You Showing Up as Leaders?
University of Washington Informatics Leadership Program
Change Leadership: An an Essential Competency for Information Technology Executives, Managers and Developers
American College of Physician Executives
Strategies to Foster Innovation in Healthcare
Munson Healthcare Medical Center
Computerized Physician Order Entry: Why Now? Why Us?
Munson Healthcare Medical Center
Computerized Physician Order Entry: A New Tool for Medical Error Reduction, Patient Safety and Evidence-Based Care Management
The University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program
New Physicians Executives: Venturing Into New Territory as Leaders and Business Professionals
American College of Physician Executives
Summer Meetings
Secrets of Effective Leadership: 80% of Success is in How You Show Up
Using Order Entry, Rules, Data Outcomes to Transform Care
Integrating Knowledge into CPOE: A Method for Getting Evidence-Based Guidelines into Wired Workflow
M-Commerce Summit
Mobile Electronic Commerce and the Healthcare Industry
Solucient National Conference
Sorting Through the New E-Health and Information Options
Healthcare Informatics Expo
Managing Assumptions and Involving Physicians: Your Key to ROI
Toward The Electronic Patient Record
Using Outcomes Tracking and the EMR for Clinical Process Improvement
Toward The Electronic Patient Record
Physician’s View of the Internet: Wins! Wows! and What about Me?
American College of Physician Executives
E-Health Innovations: An Overview of Internet Healthcare for Physician Leaders and Would-Be Entrepreneurs
The University of Tennessee Physician Executive MBA Program
Physicians: Venturing Into New Territory as Leaders and Business Professionals
Alliance for Continuing Medical Education Annual Conference
Using Clinical Data for Developing and Evaluating CME
eCommerce & Web Technology for Managed Healthcare
How the Internet Will Impact Chronic Disease Management
Health Information Management Systems Society
Avoid Aggravation: Achieving “Aggregation” Using Outcomes and Internet
Toward The Electronic Patient Record
How to Use Outcomes Tracking and the EMR for Clinical Process Improvement
The Patients View – How the Internet Changes Healthcare
The Internet and Chronic Disease Management: Promises and Pitfalls
The E-Healthcare Connections Symposium on Strategies for Physicians, Hospitals and Integrated Delivery Systems
Physicians and the Internet
Munson Healthcare
Bridging the Gap to the Envisioned Future: How to Make Your IT Vision a Reality
Center for Health Information Management: Annual Sales and Marketing Conference
So You Want to Be in the E-Health Business
eCommerce & Web Technology for Managed Healthcare
How the Internet Will Impact Chronic Disease Management
VHA West Coast
Using Outcomes for Health System Integration
Washington State Society of Health System Pharmacists
Medical Outcomes: Implications for Pharmacy
Healthcare Informatics Expo
Disease Management Comes Full Cycle: Data Warehouse and Health Maintenance Alerts
Healthcare Information Management Systems Society
Disease Management Comes Full Cycle: Data Warehouse and Health Maintenance Alerts




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