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Development Resources  

Physician Career, Leadership and Entrepreneurial development Strategies

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Physician Career Development Articles - dozens of articles organized into three categories:

  • Transformational leadership, professionalism and personal effectiveness  

  • Career development, expansion, and transition  

  • New venture start-up, consulting business and new idea exploration  

Self-study Audio CD's and Tele-classes - focused topics providing either broad overview learning or in-depth competency-building to help you increase your effectiveness and opportunities

  • Tele-Classes -  Monthly teleconference classes conducted over a bridge line connect you with one of our coaches and your physician colleagues from across the country

  • Transition 101 - World of Possibilities - a one-hour Internet audio program with presentation and audio walks you through career transition strategy

  • Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™ - home study course to start or accelerate career transition; covers skills-building, research, networking, making contacts, resume development, interviews, professionalism

  • 51 Professional Paths for Physicians  Who Want to Make Difference -CD Audio Program Listen to  this 60 minute Audio CD to think "out of the box" about your career and professional possibilities

  • Emotional Intelligence and Physician Leadership - Audio CD  Program The new essential competency for leaders AND clinicians is self-management and advanced communication.  Not knowing about emotional intelligence could be detrimental to your career.

  • Certified Cyber - 50 lessons to optimize your computer use in everyday business - for "dummies" and "gurus" alike

Personal or Business Performance Assessments - surveys, checklists and templates to help you develop a plan of action for moving forward  Ask Your coach

  • Physician Leadership Performance - Wheel of Action  

  • Physician Clinical Practice Performance - Wheel of Action 

  • 3 Dimensions of Career Fulfillment - Venn Diagram 

  • The Thumbnail Business Plan for New Ventures

  • Guide to Using Empowering Language - Using Words Wisely  

Recommended Book Reading - lists of books for additional insight and learning organized into three groups  click here



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