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Do you have what it takes to advance or transition into personal leadership, transform your organization, or really push the envelope to challenge the status quo?

(and without sacrificing your integrity or jeopardizing your current position to get the results and success you feel in your gut is possible for you?)


Executive Coaching:

Platinum Program - Executive and Career  Coaching for Physicians

Group Programs:

Physician Career Transformation Institute career development program

Healthcare Consulting Academy business training program

Team Coaching and Physician Leadership Development Seminars

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From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians

Dear Colleague,

I have coached and consulted with over 500 physicians in one-on-one coaching relationships, in group grouping, and in seminars and retreats. I think I know doctors pretty well. 

When my clients first come to me they often wonder if they are "alone" in their feelings of being "stuck," frustrated, under-employed, under-valued, or unappreciated.  

They may be feeling that way because they're experiencing a career crisis brought on by toxic group practice dynamics, by economic pressures to "produce" no matter what the costs are to mental health, or by their growing restlessness with the "status quo."  

Interestingly several of my clients are at a crisis because they are at the pinnacle of their career (by an outsider's view), but they need continued personal growth and challenges to feel fully alive and in their own game.

I knew the answer to the question, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" for years before I met Dr. Gaillour.  What I did not know was how to believe it and achieve it.  
Within a few short months of beginning a coaching relationship with Dr. Gaillour, I was making major progress on my passion for speaking, writing, and teaching people how to enjoy outrageous health.  
You can make progress on your own, but you can make massive progress with Dr. Gaillour as your coach!

 Douglas A. Fullington, MD
"Master Motivator of Total Health"

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What Kinds of Physicians Seek Coaching Anyway?

You may be wondering if you would benefit from coaching.  Just to give you an idea of the kinds of docs I have coached and consulted with over the years, here is a brief outline of common situations.

  • Physicians who feel their creativity, ingenuity, and potential are constrained and want to expand or transition their career

  • Physicians who truly love medicine but are struggling to regain their well-being and enjoy their practice in the midst of tumultuous change

  • Physicians who are in a leadership position and are developing new people and business management skills for first time, and are unsure or whether they are being effective on the job

  • Physicians who want to develop additional streams of income with information products or new services and are becoming "entrepreneurs"  and "sales persons" for the first time

  • Physicians who have been given feedback that their behavior is difficult or "rough" and are coming to grips with the need to shape up or, well, you know what


Many of my clients initially feel self-conscious and embarrassed about their perceived "weaknesses"   --- which in my mind are not weaknesses, but only "gaps" in their education, their career success skill set, or their understanding of the full possibilities open to them.  

That's where I come in: I help you close the gaps AND raise the bar on what you think is possible!  

But assessing and closing the "gaps" is only one part of the equation.  What my clients and I work toward is Career Fulfillment---which is a unique constellation where values intersects with skills and intersects with market forces to provide you with the career exuberance you've been missing (get the free Career Management Toolkit to hear an Audio Presentation on my philosophy of Career Fulfillment)


"You provided insightful and powerful coaching support that enabled me to more specifically define my goals, determine how I would achieve them and execute a strategy to realize them."  
---Orin Goldblum, MD Dermatologist, Entrepreneur, Pennsylvania

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Using my proprietary and proven approach, the Success Inquiry Method™, I take you from career chaos or professional crisis to the point where you are intellectually thriving---feeling immensely confident about yourself, your possibilities, and willing to push through the boundaries of what you thought was feasible.

In my Platinum Executive Coaching Program, we not only close gaps, but more importantly, I assess your natural strengths  and talents (yes you have a lot of them!) and make these the engine behind your career drivers, your additional sources of revenue, or your leadership edge.


"I believe I have an edge going into these . . . meetings that I never had before because I know more about what they are really thinking."
---Michael M, Physician Executive, Seattle

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Dr. Gaillour became my executive coach about 2 years ago at an exciting time in my career.  Since then I have successfully transitioned to a leadership position and accomplished important milestones in my career under her guidance.

Most importantly, Dr. Gaillour has steered me toward an authentic and spiritual style of leadership which has impacted far beyond my work environment into my home as well.

Pramod K. Mistry, MD, PhD, FRCP
Professor, Yale University School of Medicine


"This is getting me closer in touch with who I am. Your critical eye definitely makes a difference in context and business speak.  I like the effect very much. Somehow I'm not good at this on my own"

--Internist, VP Medical Affairs, Michigan

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Is it time for you to join these doctors who have gone from feeling stuck to now experiencing the joy of professional achievement?

My clients are able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time, and here is a brief list of what you might expect too:


Develop a step-by-step blueprint to achieve your "wildest idea" picture of success and fulfillment

Change, expand or transition your career 

Expand or create a non-clinical business and develop additional revenue streams

Transcend your management role and become a leader

Get your team energized and mobilized

Promote your service, practice or business -- without feeling sleazy, cheesy or  becoming a "salesman"

Set yourself apart with polish and panache

Get unstuck and out of your ruminations about where to go next

Stop self-defeating behaviors and communication



Platinum Program - Executive and Career Coaching for Physicians


What is the program ?

The Platinum Executive Coaching program is my most customized and intense program and starts with a 2.5 day face-to-face Strategic Planning meeting.  In advance of this meeting you will complete several Values, Skills and Strengths Assessments.  During the meeting you will go through a process I developed specifically for physicians, during which I create your personal "strategic blueprint" designed to be a roadmap for your exploration, development and advancement.  You will then move to an implementation phase over the next 4-6 months of coaching over the phone or in person. 

If you are ready to commit to an accelerated development program, you are invited to arrange an Introductory Meeting to learn more about the program and explore whether this is the best fit for you.   Click here to request a meeting.


After the introductory coaching session, I went far beyond my comfort zone and formally met with my supervisor to discuss my career path and options. 

When I eventually decided to leave the company for another opportunity, Francine guided me through the process and gave me truly inspired advice . . .  I saw things differently and did things differently, knew better and did better, and accomplished a career transition in one short year with coaching.  

Francine is a brilliant strategic thinker, unrelenting in her focus, and constant in her support. 

Sabrina Rajendran, M.D., M.B.A.
Medical Director - Workers’ Compensation
First Health, A Coventry Health Care Company
Downers Grove, Illinois

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Physician Teams Leadership Development Seminars and Retreats


Seminars and retreats are customized programs created for health systems and groups and delivered at your site.  Here are a few of the programs Dr. Gaillour has delivered to give you an idea of what can be created or customized for your organization:


Authentic Leadership – for physician leaders who want to learn the "soft skills" that are so essential in inspiring teams and producing breakthrough results.  The real source of personal power is the ability to use your "emotional intelligence" to empower others.  


The Physician Executives of Georgia had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Francine Gaillour speak to the group on the topic "Authentic Leadership: It's Personal" at our March meeting. Drawing from her own experience as a practicing physician, as well as working with numerous physicians going through transitions, she was able to identify key strategies that were applicable to all of us.  

S he kept the topic exciting, and built in enough "audience participation" to keep the attendees engaged. The evaluations returned by the physicians after the session were uniformly positive, with interest expressed by many for a follow up workshop with Francine in the future. I am happy to recommend her, either to individuals in need of coaching, or to groups looking for a talented speaker who delivers the goods on personal leadership development!  

David N. Westfall, MD, CPE
President, Physician Executives of Georgia




"Your keynote presentation was quite well received and was an appropriate and timely topic.....especially since so many of the audience are in the middle of developing an integrated system.  

I especially enjoyed the two hour [leadership development] session with the medical directors in the morning. The topics you raised were of clear high value....I think especially for this group where the degree of formal leadership training is limited/variable."

Christopher M. Mathews, MD
Corporate Medical Director
Community Health Plan of Washington




Authentic Speaking and Communication – for physician leaders who want to learn how to be effective and credible representatives, liaisons and spokespersons for their practice, organization or company.  You will learn how to be more credible,  to exhibit genuine personal power,  and to use your communication moments and events to your advantage.  You will also learn the power of key messages, and the essential "soft skills" to connect with team mebers, clients and audiences.  


I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your work with the Medical Director Roundtable last week.  As always, the time spent around the table with fellow Medical Directors is well-spent.  I appreciate the expertise that you bring to the work we are doing.  This is a great time to be in community health care, as I am sure of the value of the work we are doing to our patients.  And anything that I can do to increase my effectiveness is appreciated.  It occurred to me that, as scientists, we are often neglectful of the “socialization” part of our education, and now I find myself in a position where this is perhaps more important than my science and technical skills.  

A. Douglas Felts, MD, FAAFP
Medical Director
Peninsula Community Health Services
Bremerton, WA



Group Practice Crisis Management and Facilitation – for healthcare groups, hospital staff members, or cross-department work teams, who are struggling with competing  agendas, loss of morale and collegiality, or physician dysfunction.  Intervention and crisis management, negotiation and communication training for mutual win-win using respected techniques from Crucial Conversations™ and Leadership and Self-Deception™.  



"Thank you for the very effective work that you have done with the Physician Management Council (PMC) of the MultiCare Medical Group. As we spoke last week, the PMC clearly interacts differently after your off-site session and feedback. There is a much increased awareness of individual personality types to the extend that they now jokingly refer to that being my "green element" or "blue element" that may be causing the conflict.  

This allows them to identify possible conflict within the group much earlier and quantify it. The workings of the group on both key issues and in more relaxed environments is smoother and with I sense much more of a collective result.

 From the first interactions, they have appreciated your frank and open assessment and I think you have made a substantial impact on the operations of this leadership group."

H. Lester Reed , MD
Medical Director
Multicare Medical Group
Tacoma, WA



“Your insightful comments [on leadership] provided a solid framework for the day . . .  a very successful program . . . attributable in great part to your participation.”  

David Lerman, MD
Board of Directors
Southern California Kaiser Permanente



Take the next step:

Make a strategic investment in your organization!

How much more effective could you be with a Strategic Advisor and Coach who understands physicians and also understands business leadership?

To discuss a customized Seminar or Retreat for your organization, please use the contact form



"Executive coaches are not for the meek. They’re for people who value unambiguous feedback. All coaches have one thing in common, it’s that they are ruthlessly results-oriented"

FAST COMPANY Magazine, 20/08/2002



"Program Success Circle Career Development Institute" monthly career development training program


Join a cohort of your colleagues for monthly teleconferences and group mentoring/coaching.  Two heads are better than one, and the combined wisdom of many engaged and committed doctors is a whole lot of wisdom and positive energy.

Physician Success Circle is a great way to get your feet wet with developing your potential and expanding your career.

Learn more about "Success Circle"

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 My comprehensive, step-by-step,  signature Physician Career Development, Promotion and Transition System will help you create the professional life of joy and abundance that fits your values and passion, without sacrificing time with your family or losing income from your current career.

Here is a FREE resource to get your started right away in crafting your personal physician career fulfillment strategic plan:

Physician Career Management Toolkit

** FREE**

Assess Your Career Management Competency: a 30-point assessment to help you laser focus in on where you're deficient when it comes to managing your medical career, leading your team, or growing your non-clinical entrepreneurial venture.

"Three Dimensions of Professional Fulfillment" - a 14-minute Audio PowerPoint Presentation with Francine Gaillour, MD. A critical strategic discussion that Dr. Gaillour has with every physician who wonders why they are stuck how to move forward.

Career Management Special Report - 8 high-impact articles that will get you thinking strategically about your leadership and career potential.

The Toolkit is an online resource that you can dive into within 1 minute of completing the short form here:

Privacy Policy: Your information will never be sold, shared, or given away to third party. 

PLUS:  You'll also receive my bi-weekly newsletter, "Daring Doctors" -- For forward-thinking physicians who want to develop their full repertoire of talents and achieve their career and leadership potential (a $197 Value)

And just in case you're wondering why I am called the "leadership and career strategist for doctors" and to learn more about what I can do for you, learn more about my physician development programs, click here.



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