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High Impact Strategies For The Physician On The Go:

Build Successful Habits Over 12 Weeks That Will Last A Lifetime

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An audio learning series for physicians who want to improve their effectiveness in business and leadership

From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FAAPL, CPE, PCC
Founder and Director, Physician Coaching Institute
Executive Coach for Physicians

Dear Physician Colleague:

I know how hard it can be to find the free time to sit down and do something to better yourself. We all want to, but our careers demand so much of our time. And what’s left gets taken up (as it often should) spending quality time with our families or simply relaxing after a hectic day.

So to make it easier for you to learn and implement the qualities and skills that spell “professional” and will make you more effective and productive as a business person, I’ve come up with a short and sweet solution.

Take email delivery of these 10-minute “Physician Success Notes” audio seminars once every week for 12 weeks. I’ll break down a handful of “essential strategies” that my private clients learn to be more effective and productive business leaders.

The twelve audio seminars are not only the strategies, but also the simple actions steps you can easily digest and put to use in your daily life throughout the month. Instead of having to “hit the books” for hours on end, you’ll take away proven steps to make real changes in your life – in just 10 easy minutes.

You’ll also get the essentials in a simple 1-2 page downloadable “Success Briefing” that will cover the important points of each Success concept, including the one or two actions you should be taking each week to apply it. Post this in your office or home, or keep the briefings together in your own “Success Notebook” to easily remind yourself what to do each week, and build lasting habits of good business leadership behavior that guarantee success!

Your 12 week learning program consists of streaming audios (mp3) Once a Week by email. Here is what you’ll learn in over the next 12 weeks:

* How to Manage Your Time by Managing Your Energy and Commitments
* How to Guide and Influence Others in a Firm but Respectful Manner, Especially Those You Avoid Confronting
* How to be Professional and Earn the Respect of Peers and Executives
* How to Manage Your Behavior so You Foster Trust in Your Leadership
* How to Expand Your Thinking and Be More Strategic and Visionary

Watch the real changes taking place in your life as you follow the simple steps laid out for you.

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