Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach – A 3-Month Training Program

Professional Effectiveness in Leadership and Business

Introducing a 3-month Coaching Skills† Training and Leadership Development for Healthcare Leaders Who Want to Engage their Team and Transform Their Organization

Invitation from the Program Director

From: Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, PCC
Executive Director, The Physician Coaching Institute

Dear Physician Colleague,

Whether developing a quality program, initiating a patient safety program, implementing a new EMR, developing a new service line, launching a new product or start-up, or transitioning into a non-clinical venture, there is no shortage of daunting challenges physicians are tackling!

While most physician training courses and physician MBA programs will provide a certain type of business management knowledge, the frank truth is that many physician leaders still find themselves viewed as unprofessional or ineffective by their peers and non-clinical executives. Stories are all too common of physician leaders and entrepreneurs getting fired, ignored or passed over because they lacked “depth” or “communication skills” or “political sensitivity.” Indeed, a few of these talented doctors came to me for coaching after they received this startling feedback.

Here is the real scoop:† There are critical skills and competencies you will never learn in an MBA program or in most leadership courses.¬† Some of these competencies include influencing, canvasing, enrolling, inspiring, getting what you want, promoting an idea, selling yourself, thinking creatively, and getting people and organizations to change.† Moreover, this is a level of leadership acumen that is particularly foreign to many physicians—probably because as clinicians we rarely required it!¬† Our clinical expertise and analysis is where physicians have mastery, but¬† unfortunately doctors are typically narrow when it comes to leadership and¬† people and idea management in a non-clinical realm.

Once you’re in a leadership or business role, your success depends much less on your clinical expertise—and in fact not so even so much on your business knowledge or your MBA (Any smart physician can learn how to read a financial spreadsheet).

Rather, your effectiveness will be evaluated based on different criteria:

Can you defuse tension between sparring colleagues; Can you inspire a team or organization to do something they’ve never done before; Can you sell an intangible idea to investors; Can you promote a project to your executive team so you are resourced as a priority; Can you “read” an organization’s culture and have them act on the solutions to help them evolve?

These are just a few of the communication and† transformation skills every† CEO, COO, CMO, CNO, CMIO, CNIO, VPMA, CQO, Clinical Director, Chair, Program Leader, or Clinician Leader should be developing if you want to lead your organization or yourself to what’s Possible.

But wait, there is another category of critical competencies physicians in business and leadership need: Career resilience. If you are currently in a business or leadership role, you are at risk of disillusionment.† Unless you are attending to your own personal development as well as your teams, you all are at risk of career burnout.

Career resilience competency encompasses strategies for career fulfillment, career expansion,† and career advancement.† Every healthcare leader should learn and implement career resilience strategies to ensure you are establishing yourself as a highly-valued resource and to guard against pessimism and† burn out.† Strategies such as exploring your dependable strengths and knowing how to apply them routinely in your work.

From my 18+ years of physician coaching I’ve accumulated a specialized coahing tools specifically designed to help clinicians develop critical business navigation, transformational leadership and career resilience skills. Your pathway to achievement and possibility is paved by developing theses critical competencies. I look forward to having you in our upcoming cohort.


Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE, PCC

Program Overview

The Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach is a † unique high-impact leadership and professional development† program. Taught in a small group setting the program begins with a 1.5-day on-site Kickoff. We next move through 6 live webinars and Field Work assignments over three months, finally culminating with an on-site 3-hour Capstone. † The 1.5-day on-site Kickoff is a coaching foundation workshop.

We use coaching tools, concepts and action plans that have helped hundreds of executives in various† stages of their healthcare leadership and business career to achieve extraordinary growth and transformation. In addition to the professional development tools, you get individualized coaching to help you implement these strategies in your unique “learning lab” —- your own organization or situation.† You will NOT be sitting on the sidelines listening to lectures; the strategies will be tailored to your particular challenge, your strengths, your talents, and your opportunities.

Your participation in the Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach program will also earn you a coaching certification, awarded exclusively by the Physician Coaching Institute, an accredited coach training organization. This certification recognizes the additional† coaching and emotional intelligence skills you’ve acquired to guide your organization and your team to new possibilities.

Who Should Participate in Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach training?

Physician and healthcare leaders who aspire to engage, transform, and innovate

Healthcare executives , such as CEO, COO, CMO, CNO, VPMA, Clinical Director, Department Chair, who have not had the time or opportunity to design a strengths-based personal leadership plan, and learn critical coaching communication skills

Physician leaders and new to your role† as a business person and in need of some invaluable tips and “polish” that will help you navigate smoothly in a business environment

Executives† open to professional development and introspection as a door to tremendous personal growth, no matter where you are in your career or leadership role

Physicians early to midway in your career who want to build resilience and plan for career growth† in this new era of healthcare evolution, reform and change

Program Description

A Professional Foundation that will support positive change and improvements

Developing the business and communication competencies you need† requires a different approach to learning than a typical physician CME course where you’ve sat in a conference room, listening to multiple speakers.† The objective of the Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach program is to move you into strategic action.† You’ll be introduced to key concepts in a way that is personalized for YOU, and then given time and coaching so you can successfully implement the Action Plans in your organization, your business and your life.† Working in a coaching cohort† together for 3 months, methodically layering the coaching strategies with emotional intelligence skills-building and peer coaching, is the key to creating† the transformational experience ahead for you.

There are THREE integrated components to the program:

1. On-Site Kickoff† “Coaching Communication Foundation”

At the 1.5-day Kickoff, first order of business is developing a coaching foundation. This is a must-have for leaders who want to create a bridge with peers, connect with others, confront naysayers, interview stakeholders, or guide a team member. You will learn and practice essential Coaching skills including Level 1 and Level 2 listening, clarifying for understanding, probing and reflecting for connection, and offering structures for moving forward.

The second skills area is Emotional Intelligence-††† How can you authentically influence and problem-solve with your team?† You will learn and practice a proven techniques for framing your communication to get a ‘yes’ to the next step.

2. Six Learning Modules delivered via live Webinars Over 3 Months

Each Module consists of† a live 75-minute interactive Teleseminar addressing the topic and allowing time for personalized tailoring of the topic for the cohort members.Each Module handout is available in hard copy form as well as downloadable digital file. On the Student-only webpage you’ll find additional reading† and links to relevant materials. Teleseminars are recorded so if you have to miss a session, you can listen to the audio replay within hours, also available on the Student-only webpage.

Here are the Core Topics we’ll cover in the Learning Modules:

Self-Awareness of Your Dependable Strengths and Personality Hard-Wiring – You won’t know where you’re going until you know who you are. An important foundation in leadership and career development is understanding what you do best and what’s most important to you.¬† Fulfillment and success come from making your strengths, talents, and passions¬† the center of your work, and then using your values to guide crucial decisions.¬† Some of your strengths are hard-wired personality traits, and some are the experiences you’ve accumulated. If you are lacking clarity in your professional life, this foundational work will be eye-opening.

Enrolling Others, Turning People Around and Inviting Change – Your ability to move people forward through a change project—or to gain “buy-in” or sell an idea—without much more than the power of your voice and message is perhaps the “most wanted” competency of physician business leaders.† While logic of an argument and research behind an initiative is important, what people really buy into is YOU and your authentic presence and credibility.† We’ll lay the groundwork for enrollment of others, and during our optional 2-day Workshop these skills will be honed.

Exploring Potential Career Direction and Strategy plus Enrolling the Help of Allies – Thinking about where you go next in your leadership or physician executive career can and should start while you’re in your current chapter.† Planning is not done in a vacuum however. There are Career strategy Criteria to reference, Allies to assist you and Ideas to explore.† You will learn how to cultivate network of Allies, a cadre of individuals within and outside your organization who are your advocates, mentors and connectors.¬† They will guide you multiple directions your professional path or next chapter can take¬† you—many of which you’re not currently aware of. Finally, a Physician Power Resume or Media Bio is the by-product of pulling together multiple pieces including your Leverage Portfolio, authentic strengths and vision.


. Peer Coaching Sessions and Field Work

A significant element of the program is practicing your new coaching skills and emotional intelligence communication strategies.† In the coaching sessions, you’ll rotate role of “Coach” and “Coachee.”† Every person’s situation is unique, so there will be an opportunity for to bring issues that are real for you in your work. † Field Work assignments ask you to go from the theoretical to the practical.† You will apply new communication strategy and report back your success and insights to your peers.


Participation Criteria and Application

This program is for a select group of physician and healthcare leaders who are ready to step up to their potential.† The program will require your engagement in a self-development, leadership-polishing, communication skills-building and career management process unlike anything you’ve experienced. As a member of a cohort of like-minded professionals, you will embark on a journey self-development that expects you will† open yourself to new ideas, engage in constructive dialogue, and practice† new communication skills. Also as a member of a cohort, we’ll agree to respect each other, build trust and keep in confidence our interactions.

Specific Enrollment Guidelines:

Make sure you can answer “yes” to each of the following statements:

____ I am open to a cohort learning experience

____ I can commit to the time and energy to learn and apply the strategies

____ I can commit to an intense 3-month training program

____ I value integrity, honesty, professionalism, and collegiality

Exploration and Application Process

You are encouraged to attend to get an overview of the program directly from Dr. Gaillour, learn more details and ask questions.† The Certified Heathcare Leader Peer Coach training is offered four times a year to organizations who are committed to developing a coaching culture.


For healthcare organization who want to develop “bench strength” among your emerging physician leaders, this unique leadership and professional development program can be customized to fit with your strategic plans for physician leadership development.

To discuss enrolling your† leadership group in the Certified Healthcare Leader Peer Coach program,† course, contact Dr. Gaillour directly at francine @ physicianleadership.com or (206) 686-4205.