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About Dr. Gaillour 


Dr. Gaillour has been spotlighted in Medical Economics, HealthLeaders.com and The Leader's Edge.  She has been interviewed by AMA News, Physicians Practice Journal, and MD Options and her advice has been featured in Modern Physician and Unique Opportunities Journal.

Her articles on Physician Success Strategies are published regularly in Physicians Practice and the Physician Executive Journal.   

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Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE

Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE is executive director of the Physician Coaching Institute. 

As an executive coach, Dr. Francine Gaillour works with physicians who are struggling with the reality of a medical career path gone flat. The author of the "Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition," she helps physicians discover and develop their dormant talents, unique strengths, and long-forgotten dreams, to create a new journey within or outside healthcare that takes full advantage of the energy and smarts they possess.

Recognizing that physicians have unique challenges when it comes to career transitions, Dr. Gaillour has created a proprietary career development process, the Physician Success Inquiry Method™. Her approach, honed over more than twelve years consulting with and coaching hundreds of physicians, has lifted dozens of 'daring doctors' out of career doldrums and back to feeling the glow of professional achievement they experienced when they first entered medicine.

This small sample of her clients demonstrates that when it comes to physician career crisis, Dr. Gaillour is the specialist to call: 1) A family physician who has hit his income ceiling is now building a speaking career "on the side" of his busy clinical practice; 2) A weight-loss specialist is parlaying his love of humor as a stand-up comic to build his bariatric medicine practice, 3) A radiation oncologist is redirecting his energy and following his soul path to become a Rabbi, 4) A prominent academic leader sidelined by politics salvages his career and returns to international preeminence.

Dr. Gaillour has been spotlighted as a physician leadership and career expert in Medical Economics, HealthLeaders.com and The Leader's Edge. She has been interviewed by AMA News, Physicians Practice Journal, and MD Options and her physician professional development advice has been featured in Modern Physician and Unique Opportunities Journal.  Dr. Gaillour's articles on Physician success strategies are published regularly in Physicians Practice and the Physician Executive Journal.

Dr. Gaillour has published over 100 articles on the subject of physician career development and leadership. Her ezine and blog, "Daring Doctors," reach several thousand physicians every month.


Dr. Gaillour's experience spans over 18 years in healthcare delivery and healthcare technology business management. Before launching her consulting and coaching firm in 1999, she previously held the position of Medical Director and Sr. Vice President of Research and Development with HBS International, overseeing new product development, healthcare outcomes research, and clinical effectiveness programs.

Prior to that, she served as Medical Director for PHAMIS/IDX, responsible for electronic medical record development and market strategy.

Dr. Gaillour's transition into the business world came after ten years of practicing clinical medicine where she witnessed first hand the tremendous capacity of her patients to tap into their potential and transform their lives, families, work and community.

Education and credentials:

Residency trained at the University of Washington, Dr. Gaillour is board certified in Internal Medicine and spent over 10 years in clinical practice.

Her undergraduate work was in biomedical engineering at the University of New Mexico ; medical training was also at the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine, where she was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society.

Dr. Gaillour received an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Her executive coach training has been through the Academy for Coach Training and the Graduate School of Corporate Coaching.

Well versed in medical management issues, she is a Fellow and former Board Member of the American College of Physician Executives, the leading organization of health system medical officers and leaders.

A member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Gaillour's national speaking and writing inspires physicians to lay a foundation for career resilience and adaptive change in order to express their full potential as healers and leaders. 

Because healthcare organizations often bring Dr. Gaillour in as a "change catalyst" she is advanced trained in Appreciative Inquiry large group change process, the Arbinger Institute team development process, and Effective Facilitator meeting facilitation.


A personal message from Dr. Gaillour:

As a former practicing Internist, then healthcare technology executive, and now business consultant and coach, my entire medical career has been one of non-stop change! 

In 10 years of practicing on the front lines of care delivery I have witnessed the whole spectrum of patient care: fee for service, managed care, private practice, staff-model-HMO; consumer-driven care, point-of-service evolution, and continuous break-through in pharmaceuticals and technology.

During this time I had always observed and was keenly interested in the spectrum of responses by physicians and providers to healthcare change (me included!). What led some to lead, some to follow? Some to innovate, and some to resist? And still others to courageously forge a non-traditional path?  What were the underlying talents, passions, values, and needs of the physicians, executives and clinicians in each camp?  What inspired them to move forward, rather than hold back?

My own inspiration to become a leader and innovator came when I developed a preventative medicine program for my private practice patients. When I discovered that I could break out of my routine and become an innovative teacher of patient groups, it was a revelation:

"Wow! Even with a 100% full clinical practice, I am tapping into only a fraction of my full potential!  If this is true for me, it’s true for all of us in healthcare.”

As I continued to develop myself as an educator, communicator, then healthcare technology marketing executive, my professional mission has become clearer:  

My Mission: I am a strategic advisor and partner dedicated to transforming healthcare through my fearless leadership, laser insights and creative communication. 

My Purpose: I help physicians develop their full potential as healers, doctors, educators, communicators, and leaders in the new era of possibility and accountability.

My Approach:  I am your partner, ally, tactical advisor, and co-strategist in making your vision for yourself or your organization become reality.  

I encourage every physician to tap into your potential---you have so much to offer!  Don't settle for your current situation---no matter how high you think you have risen, or how stuck you think you are.  The rewards of expanding, exploring, and venturing out of your comfort zone are  . . Huge!

-- Francine Gaillour, MD



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