Could You Use Some Focused Coaching?

Do you want to push your career or business progress up a notch?  . . . or Kick-start your progress and avoid wasting time by sitting idly or going down the wrong path?  . . or Are you stumped about how to approach a critical career or business issue that is looming for you right now. .  or Did you come to a stall trying to figure out how your expertise and aspirations could possibly  translate into something lucrative?

As a current or former member of my Mastermind or Success Institute programs, you are eligible to enroll in my short-term Focused Mentoring Program.

From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE

Dear Physician Colleague,

You have enrolled in my group coaching program, so I know you have the smarts, drive and energy to build something remarkable in your professional life.

But at some point or another you may be experiencing a strategy crossroads:  you may be having trouble breaking through your “self-limiting beliefs’; or mustering up the courage or “talking points” to approach decision-makers, or figuring out what the short term “next step” for you.

Or perhaps you have a unique situation that really needs finely tailored advice and a specific “tool” that’s not yet in your career development or business growth toolbox.

Here are a couple of alternatives for how you can get some personalized, intensive strategic coaching advice:

1) Platinum Executive Coaching Program

In my Platinum Executive Coaching Program, you have an opportunity to explore and develop your natural strengths  and talents, expand your skills, and rapidly accelerate your progress toward professional transition, achievement, additional sources of revenue, or leadership advantage.

My Platinum Executive Coaching  programs require a 6 month commitment from you and an investment ranging from $9000 and up.

You may not be ready at this time for that intense level of mentoring, committed action steps and rapid pace of development.

2) “Focused Mentoring Program”

As an alternative you can enroll in a short-term one-on-one private strategy coaching that I make available exclusively for physicians who have enrolled in my Mastermind Groups or Success Institute programs.  I do not offer short term one-on-one coaching to anyone else.

The Focused Mentoring program is my expert “look over your shoulder” and designed to be the coaching “boost” you need whether you are early in your professional development and career expansion planning, or if you’re further along in your professional path, but feeling “stumped” right now about a particular career or business development strategy.

What you’ll get is the specific set of  strategy, tool, and insight that you’re missing right at this moment and that will get you back on track implementing your career or business strategic plan in a more focused, deliberate way — and in the right direction.  Look at this as “course correction” or “jump start.”

Here is what’s included in the Focused Mentoring Program:

  • Review of your Relevant documents such as your business or marketing plan, information product in progress, proposal, agreement, contract, pro forma, or correspondence with Francine’s critical eye prior to your Mentoring Session. Up to 30 minutes.
  • Review of your Client Inventory, a questionnaire addressing your current situation, prior to our first coaching session.
  • Two 60-minute one-on-one  Business and Career Strategy Coaching Sessions with Francine where you will focus on your situation and questions, your strategy and progress, and your relevant documents. You will make your call on Francine’s private 1-800 number
  • Audio recording MP3 (optional) of your Coaching session for you to playback later to review the strategies and “scripts” we discussed
  • Email correspondence for quick questions or clarification within the next 5 business days after each of your sessions (Note: Email coaching is NOT continued after these five days)

Focused Mentoring Program Fee: $795 ->>> Click here to enroll

I know you have what it takes to succeed, and sometimes a focused strategy session is the key to getting you on the right path . . .

I appreciate that you have unique challenges you are dealing with, and you have a desire to expand your horizons achieve something significant when it comes to leadership, business, revenue growth, or career.  You have my full support to help you get there.


p.s. My Platinum clients will frequently make a huge breakthrough in just a single session! Yes it can happen that quickly and easily for you too. So don’t hesitate to ask for help.