Executive Coaching

Do you have what it takes to transform your organization, lead a bold change initiative, or really push the envelope to challenge the status quo?

(and without sacrificing your integrity or jeopardizing your current position to get the results and success you feel in your gut is possible?)

From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE

Executive and Career Coach for Physicians

Dear Colleague,

I have coached and consulted with over 300 physicians in one-on-one coaching relationships, in group training, in seminars and off-site retreats. I think I know doctors pretty well.

When my physician leaders first come to me they often wonder if they are “alone” in their feelings of being “stuck,”  flailing, frustrated, under-employed, under-valued, or unappreciated.

They may be feeling that way because they’re experiencing a career crisis brought on by toxic organizational dynamics, by the pace of change they are expected to drive (too fast OR too slow!), by being in over their head, or by their growing restlessness with the “status quo.”

Interestingly a few of my clients were at a crisis because they were at the pinnacle of their career (by an outsider’s view), but they need continued personal growth and challenges to feel fully engaged and in their game.

What Kinds of Physicians Seek Coaching?

You may be wondering if you would benefit from my Platinum Program Executive Coaching  for Physicians. Just to give you an idea of the kinds of doctors I have coached and consulted with over the years, here is a brief outline of common situations.

Physician leaders, such as CMO, VPMA, VP Quality, VP Integration, Chief of Staff, and Medical Executive Chair, who feel their creativity, ingenuity, and potential are constrained and want to expand, develop or better tailor their position or career path so they can express their unique strengths

Physician leaders who have been given feedback that their communication  is  “rough” and are coming to grips with the need to refine their approach if they want to get results
Physicians who are in a leadership position and are developing new people and business management skills for first time, and are unsure or whether they are being effective on the job

Physician leaders who are transitioning to a business or program development role and now have to think like an “entrepreneur” and “sales person” for the first time

Physician innovators who are developing new ways of solving healthcare challenges, but are stumped about how to sell their idea inside their organization or to third-party development partners.

Focusing on Your Strengths

Some of my clients initially ascribe their current situation to what they believe or have been told are “weaknesses.”  My approach is uncover natural strengths and talents,  craft a strategy of approach that takes full advantage of your strengths, build a success tool box, and guide you to step into your authentic personal power.  You will also understand your blind spots (which are not weaknesses) , learn how to be aware of when they interfere wtih your performance and how to manage them.

Using my proprietary and proven approach, the Physician Success Inquiry Method™,  you will go from  career chaos or professional crisis to the point where you are intellectually thriving—feeling immensely confident about yourself, your possibilities, and willing to push through the boundaries of what you thought was feasible.  You will uncover your natural strengths and talents (yes you have a lot of them!) and make these the engine behind your leadership and professional edge.

The Platinum Executive Coaching Program – How does it work?
The Platinum Program is my most comprehensive 1-on-1 coaching program for physicians and starts with a 2-day face-to-face Client Strategy Meeting. In advance of this meeting you will complete several Personality, Values, Skills and Strengths Assessments. During the Client Strategy Meeting you will go through a process I developed specifically for physicians, the Physician Success Inquiry Method,  the result of which is personalized “Strategic Blueprint” designed to be a roadmap for your development and advancement. You will then move to an Implementation Coaching phase by telephone over the next 6 months.  If you are ready to commit to an accelerated development and transition program, you are invited to arrange an Introductory Meeting by phone to learn more about the Platinum Program and explore whether this is the best fit for you. Click here to request an Introductory Meeting.

The Focused Mentoring Program – An Option for Short-Term Situations

The Focused Mentoring Program is a short-term coaching option for those individuals who are dealing with a specific professional situation and need to an make important decisions in the near term.    The Focused Mentoring Program consists of two strategy coaching sessions plus review of appropriate client materials.  Click here to request an Introductory Meeting to learn more about the Focused Mentoring Program process and whether this is the best fit for your needs.