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Dear Physician Colleague,

Whether you are a physician in full time clinical practice, a Chief Medical Officer, or a doctor with an itch to do something creative, adventurous, or more lucrative, each of you has experienced that “stuck” feeling at some time in your career. Maybe you’re feeling it now.


You know, that nagging feeling that you:

  • should be moving forward or moving on

  • could be getting better results

  • could be advancing

  • ought to be changing

  • want to be earning more

  • should be expressing your full repertoire of interests

  • or should just be achieving more . . . at this stage of your career

. . . . But you lack a strategy or plan to take the next step. Or you think you lack the time to implement the ideas you have in your head.

I know! I’ve been there, and as someone who’s coached and advised hundreds of docs over the years, I know that “stuck” place is invariably where my clients are when they first come to me.

What we develop together is a Physician Career Fulfillment Strategy – a “Daring Doctors Action Plan” –that capitalizes on your strengths, manages your weaknesses, and is aligned with your values, purpose and passion. Read further to learn how you can start building your own Physician Career Fulfillment Strategy.

I am on a mission to make your leadership and career potential soar! More than ever, society needs bright physicians of all ages to expand their thinking about how to apply their energy, talents, experience, and passion, to improve yourself, your community and your organization.

My clients and Coaching Club members are a new breed of physicians: “Daring Doctors” who are actively demonstrating personal leadership in order to:

  • Get results

  • Influence colleagues

  • Start new initiatives

  • Launch new businesses

  • Stop self-defeating behaviors

  • Earn respect (and referrals)

  • Gain national attention

  • Change careers

I created tools and resources to help physicians on the front line and physician leaders recognize your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, develop your skills, prosper from your ideas, and enjoy the personal and professional life you envisioned.

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–Francine Gaillour, MD

Contact: (206) 686-4205

Request an Introductory Meeting, click here