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Physicians, start thinking  strategically about your professional life and career


Grab a copy of my FREE physician career development tool and take action to revitalize your professional path



"Physician Career Management Toolkit"  


From:  Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Executive Director, Physician Coaching Institute

Dear Physician Colleague,

I am committed to transforming healthcare through the "brain trust" of physicians.  But I need you to get moving forward along a more energized career trajectory of achievement, accomplishment, change and transformation.

To help you get started, I am offering you a FREE "starter" tool kit so you can begin acting strategically and methodically to accelerate your  career.  The Career Management Launch Tool Kit is the "first step" out of being stuck, stumped or just worn out.

Get out of the panic mode, the despair mode, the "giving up" mode, the overwhelm mode.   Get into "I can do it" mode!

You're too smart, you've worked too hard, and you care too much about yourself, your family, your profession, and your community to settle for less than a life and career of fulfillment and achievement.  

Here's what you'll find in the Toolkit:

  • "Three Dimensions of Professional Fulfillment" - a 14-minute Audio PowerPoint Presentation and Discussion with Francine Gaillour, MD, Executive and Career Coach for Physicians; this is THE crucial conversation that Dr. Gaillour has with physicians who want to understand the "why" of being stuck and the "how" of moving forward. 


  • Career Development Assessment - a 10-point assessment to help you laser focus in on where you're deficient when it comes to managing your career


  • Special Report - 8 high-impact articles by Dr. Gaillour that will get you thinking smarter about your leadership and career potential  

This is a $147 value which I am offering to you for Free 

And, one more bonus:  A Special Report from one America's most respected CEO's and entrepreneurs on the topic of career and life fulfillment.

. . . Why I am offering this value for free?  Simple,  because I am on a mission to help you get launched!

Step Up:   Physician Career Management Launch Toolkit has been career-transforming for some doctors.  Is it your time?

Once you sign up below, you will be completing the Assessments, reading the Special Reports, or listening to the Audio Discussion within 1 minute!   Enter you name and email address and you'll be taken immediately to a web page that has the Toolkit, ready for you to jump right in.  

Get your copy of the FREE Career Management Launch Toolkit


Privacy Policy: Your information will never be sold, shared, or given away to third party. Francine Gaillour, MD


p.s. Please email me with your insights once you've listened to the presentation and completed the Assessments. I'm always interested to hear what points make an impact.