Transformative Leader – Coaching Skills

Transformative Leader – Essentials of Coaching is a two and a half-day experiential course focused on the foundations of professional coaching to increase your personal and leadership effectiveness. Incorporate these methods and skills into your current role as department chair,  physician leader and healthcare executive. Use them to improve interpersonal and peer-to-peer relating.

[A subsequent course, Transformative Leader – Advanced Coaching, adds a more expert level of coaching competencies and leads to the Certified Physician Development Coach™credential.]

Who is this for:

  • Physician leaders, such as CMOs, VPMA, VP Quality, CMIO, and Department Chairs whose role requires them to lead other physicians through cultural change
  • Clinician leaders, such as CNOs, VP Nursing, VP Pharmacy who lead large teams and who are expected to create inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Diverse clinical team leads from acute care, ambulatory, specialty and primary care who want to improve collegiality and require a new paradigm for communication.

What to expect from Transformative Leadership – Essentials of Coaching:

  • Acquire the essential skills of coaching, including powerful listening and powerful questions.
  • Transform your interpersonal relationships in positive, empowering ways.
  • Open your awareness to your authentic presence.
  • Promote your personal wholeness and balance.
  • Build your talent for multi-dimensional listening.
  • Refine your ability to give and receive effective feedback.
  • Develop your inner observer through mentored practice coaching sessions.
  • Gain confidence to use these skills immediately in your personal and professional life.
  • Explore the underpinnings of physician culture and keys to personal breakthrough.
  • Map out the priority areas for applying coaching skills in your clinical leadership role.

Training Delivery:

Option 1: 2.5-day on-site (client), minimum of 10 participants, maximum of 18 per training event.

Option 2: Teleconference-workshop format;  16 75-min weekly teleconferences over 4 months

Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting and explore how this proven skills-building program can catalyze your healthcare transformation efforts.