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"Are you looking for a pathway to reach your full potential, within or outside your  current role in medicine or leadership?"

Join this "inner circle" of highly motivated physicians on a journey to discover, develop and apply their talents and experience to serve their community and create a life of personal fulfillment and prosperity

"Physician Success Institute": A 4-month Career Transformation Strategic Planning Program 

From: Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Founder, Physician Career Success Institute

Dear Physician Colleague,

If you've ever felt frustrated because you aren't attaining the professional goals you envisioned, you're not alone.  Many physicians are facing the same issues and feelings you are: You were top 10% academically, went through many years of school and training, work 50+ hours a week, probably also work tirelessly on committees, have hit an income ceiling, and at the end of the day . . . you still ask yourself:  

Am I doing what I was meant to do?  Am I using my given talents and hard-earned skills to full effect?  How can I expand into other areas?  Shouldn't I be happier about what I've achieved so far?

When I first embarked on my own career transition and professional growth journey over 12 years ago, I didn't do it because I was "burned out."  Quite the contrary; I was actually feeling "dumbed down." 

I had lowered my expectations over the years about what I would be able to achieve, who I could impact, what I could change, and how I could express myself as a doctor.  I was led to believe by external forces and naysayers that I should just be satisfied being a successful physician and stay put.  

But I knew I had more to do, and more to give; more to learn and more avenues to explore.  Leadership, writing, speaking, mentoring, exploring, adventuring, trailblazing, creating, building, achieving . . . .MORE.   


Welcome to the "Institute of More Success"

Fortunately I cracked the code and opened up not one, but many career doors for myself over the years---within my practice, inside my healthcare organization, and then out in healthcare business---and now as an executive and career coach for physicians, I share the strategies and secrets with my physician clients, so career fulfillment is a now a method, not a mystery. 

If you believe you have that same "inkling" of knowing you are meant for MORE, and you have the energy, then that's a great starting point for MORE success. 

What you are lacking, though, are the career STRATEGIES and TOOLS to take you from where you are now, to the place where you are feeling the full career satisfaction of using all of your smarts and potential.  

And by the way, you don't have to leave your successful practice or leadership position to achieve "More Success."

After  many years of coaching physicians in my private Platinum Program, my practice is very busy, and I am limiting the number of private clients I will take on this year.  However I am just as committed to helping the many physicians who request my assistance in finding career fulfillment. 

My commitment to physicians and your potential is what spurred me on to create the Physician Career Transformation teleworkshop after 8 months of R&D, getting input from not only physicians like you, but also my private clients.  My goal is for you to learn the  strategies and get the same tools as my Platinum Program private clients, plus some personalized coaching at a level that is less intense but just as valuable (and at 1/5 the investment as my Platinum Program, the Physician Success Circle Institute is an excellent value).

I knew the answer to the question, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" for years before I met Dr. Gaillour.  What I did not know was how to believe it and achieve it.  
Within a few short months of beginning a coaching relationship with Dr. Gaillour, I was making major progress on my passion for speaking, writing, and teaching people how to enjoy outrageous health.  
You can make progress on your own, but you can make massive progress with Dr. Gaillour as your coach!

Douglas A. Fullington, MD
"Enjoy Maximum Health"

Join the Physician Success Circle 


What is the Physician Success Circle  and why should you consider joining?

The Physician Success Circle is an ongoing career transformation program, in a group setting, where you have access to the essential learning tools and concepts I use with my one-on-one private physician clients.   

These are the same tools, concepts, and action plans that have helped my private physician clients make extraordinary transformations, advancements, and transitions in their personal and professional life.  In addition to the tools, you get individualized coaching to help you implement these strategies in the unique "learning lab" which is your own situation.  You will NOT be sitting on the sidelines listening (but that's ok too); we will be tailoring the information to your particular challenge, your strengths, your talents, and your opportunities.

You can join the Physician Success Circle career transformation workshop at any time.  There is no "start" or "stop" date.  And not only will you join the live teleseminar Success training and Success coaching sessions this month, but you'll have access to the all the audio recordings of previous teleseminars!


Francine has been a pleasure to work with.  She has the ability to take a high-level look at you as an entire person to gain a real understanding of what makes you tick.  Gaining this type of insight is often the most difficult step in career transition planning in pursuit of greater life satisfaction.  She is a master at taking this insight and giving you concrete steps to move toward fulfilling your goals.  

I wish I had met Francine and understood the value of strategic career planning 15 years ago when I began my professional career.  Thanks Francine!

Sunil Saxena, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Aframe Digital, LLC
Founder and CEO, Saxena Medical Advisors

Join the Physician Success Circle

Benefits of the Physician Success Circle career transformation workshop: 

The key benefits you will experience are getting the Step-By-Step
"Blueprint" Solutions To Your Most Pressing Challenges And Highest Aims.

Let's take a quick look at some of the goals I'd like to help you achieve...

Understand where your true strengths and passions lay, and all the opportunities there are in and out of the clinical field to fulfill them. 
Learn what opportunities for expansion or transition are realistic and possible for you within the timeframe that makes sense for your family
Know how to promote yourself within your organization pr out in the business world in a way that feels comfortable and brings the respect and credibility you deserve
Know how to easily inspire and motivate the people around you to achieve your overall goals, without coming across as a selfish tyrant or bully
Become a healthcare thought leader and spreading your message in print or at the podium in exchange for great rewards
Master the management and business skills you need to really make your practice prosper
Balance your career and personal life so you can experience the accomplishment and recognition you want at work, and still have quality time to spend with your family
Or maybe you'd like to...
Manage your time more effectively so you can accomplish more and reduce stress
Become a polished speaker that can tackle even the toughest business and management situations with ease
Confidently communicate with patients and colleagues alike, with the relaxed sense that you are in control and saying the right things to move things forward
Better position yourself for the compensation and career advancement you know you are ready for
Quickly establish a yourself as an expert in a non-clinical field in two years or less, and create the business and rewards you've been craving.


One needs to follow one's bliss ala Joseph Campbell. However, it is not enough to know in one's heart that a change is needed to take one professionally and personally to the next level. One must define the change, set initial goals and flesh out process details. Coaching with Francine has helped me do exactly that in a logical, focused and efficient manner.

In the past year I have completed the initial development phase of a Pain Management curriculum for medical schools and will eventually be making a transition from clinical practice to academics. This is a dream I've had for some time. I'm also currently pursuing my natural interest and passion for Medical Ethics and envision that this to be another area of career fulfillment. 

Charles S. Guernsey, DO, MBA
Clinical Associate Professor
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Michigan State University
Medical Director
Southern Michigan Pain Consultants, PC

Join the Physician Success Circle


Take a Tour of the  "campus"

There are six main learning forums within our virtual campus. Although individual physicians will vary in how they use the resources within the Physician Success Circle Institute, you can expect your experience to consist of approximately 75% live conference learning and coaching and 25% self-study learning through articles, tutorials, toolkits, and online discussions.


# 1

Eight Career Acceleration Learning Modules

Training Modules are delivered via Group Telephone Seminar And Will Give
You The Strategies To Excel, In A Personal Yet
Structured Environment

The first major part of our program involves eight learning Modules and teleseminars on topics that are essential to your success as you expand your professional possibilities and start navigating in new "success circles" of business, leadership and influence. Each is a 75-minute live audio conference led by Dr. Francine Gaillour and includes teleseminar handout posted in advance, plus additional links and resources relevant to the topic.

Unlike learning from a book or other source of information on your own, our monthly group training seminar will allow you to interact, connect with the information being presented on a deeper level, and ultimately be much more prepared to apply it in your daily life.

Take a look at some of the topics we delve into:  

Uncovering your values and making them the center of career fulfillment, career transition and leadership effectiveness.

How to set yourself up for achievements and results that lead to advancement, bonuses, and even national recognition.

How to ask your supervisor for a raise or better compensation.

How to confront peers who have a reputation for being difficult to deal with.

How to discover your strengths and then apply them on a daily basis in your current role or outside your organization.

How to tastefully promote yourself within and outside your organization.

How to structure a presentation and speak on just about any topic.

How to network (even if you hate to schmooze) and create valuable allies.

  How to transition to another leadership role in a completely different field.

How to easily write an article and get published in order to promote yourself, your practice, or your expertise.

How to explore alternative physician career paths that fit your talents.

And much more!


You can dial into the teleseminar from the comfort of your home or office--or your vacation spot--without having to travel.

Plus, if by chance you are unable to make it to the call due to scheduling conflicts, an mp3 recording will be posted online for you to listen and review at your convenience.  


# 2

Monthly Success Mentoring in a Group Setting

Not Just Another Form of "One Way" Learning...

Become Engaged In Your Growth,
And Watch The Synergy Of Working With
A Group Launch You Forward

The next element of your Institute membership is a monthly group mentoring call that will give you the fuel and passion to clarify what you want, and make those career goals manifest in your life.

You'll be invited to participate in a Mentoring Q & A conference call discussion with a small cohort of colleagues. This is where the power of synergy will give you the spark of passion and clarity necessary for great advancements in your life.

You'll have the opportunity to pose your career development questions and leadership situations to me and the group, and get my expert feedback on what the next steps are for you. Other members of the circle will have a chance to share their views as well. 

Not only will you be able to get on the spot coaching for your individual circumstances and needs, but you'll also get to learn from the coaching and advice I give to other doctors in the group. The groups will be kept small, between 6 and 8 physicians so you know you'll get the attention you need.

Just like the monthly seminars, accessing these monthly group discussions is easy and convenient. Just dial into our special telephone conferencing line and instantly connect with me and the rest of the group in "virtual conference room".

And again, if for any reason you're unable to make the call, mp3 recordings will be posted in an online members-only page for you to listen to and review whenever you like.


# 3

Private Career Coaching Sessions 

Get The One-On-One Attention You Need
To Overcome Your Most Pressing Challenges

While group coaching and learning is a great way to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to excel, sometimes obstacles arise in your life and career that require extra special attention and coaching.

One on one coaching with me allows us to laser in on the specific things holding you back from getting to the places you want to go, and being the person you want to be - and then formulate the customized solutions and strategies to easily overcome them.

That's why, on top of the group coaching and learning you'll get as a Physician Career Transformation Success Circle member, you will also have  have the opportunity to schedule private "laser coaching" sessions with me and my coaching associates to laser-focus in on your toughest challenges that may be hard to solve in the group format.

Often times, the real things holding you back from achieving what you desire are hidden from you. After coaching dozens of physicians through a wide range of problems, I have acquired a specialized perspective to help you easily uncover what those barriers are. Then, once we can clearly see what's holding you back, we'll be able to easily prescribe the best course of action.

You'll get a "laser-focused session" of private one-on-one expert coaching time with our Success coaches twice during the Program during "coach call-in days."

And as I do for my private clients, we can audio record your session for your mp3 review later.  Many of my clients elect to audio record because we often discuss communication strategies for negotiations or tough meetings-- and we rehearse these scripts during our one one-on-one.  


After the introductory coaching session, I went far beyond my comfort zone and formally met with my supervisor to discuss my career path and options. When I eventually decided to leave the company for another opportunity, Francine guided me through the process and gave me truly inspired advice . . .  I saw things differently and did things differently, knew better and did better, and accomplished a career transition in one short year with coaching.  

Francine is a brilliant strategic thinker, unrelenting in her focus, and constant in her support. 

Sabrina Rajendran, M.D., M.B.A.
Medical Director - Workers’ Compensation
First Health, A Coventry Health Care Company
Downers Grove, Illinois

Register for Physician Success Circle


# 4

Experts-On-Call Teleseminar

Push The Boundaries In Your Practice And Life
With "In The Trenches" Strategies And Tips From
Top Experts And Physicians...

Collaborating and sharing ideas with other physicians who are on the same professional growth curve as you as you can be an amazing catalyst for success in your career and life. But it's also important to connect with people who have guided others with essential strategies you need to get to the places you're headed.

Every other month, I host an interview with one expert and asking the "nitty-gritty" questions you want answers to. I bring in masters in marketing, public relations, leadership techniques, management, interpersonal work relationships, career development, and many other areas you need to know more about.

About a week before each call, you'll have a chance to submit your top questions via email for me to ask on the call. I'll chose the most frequently asked questions to pose to our "expert on call", and you can listen in live to hear the answers. At the end of each call, you'll have the opportunity to ask even more questions based on what was covered.

And if by chance you can't make it to the live call, you'll still have a chance to submit your questions beforehand. Then you can listen to the recording via mp3 in our Experts On Call Archive.

Listen to a 3-minute Preview interview with one of our upcoming Experts, Cheryl Isen, who is a PR and Marketing expert and will be teaching us how to create a Physician Bio that stands out and gets noticed:



# 5

Physician Study Hall

An online Library For You To Retreat To
24 Hours A Day And Study Strategies For Overcoming
Even The Toughest Challenges...

When you have some extra time to spend on your own, browse through our online study hall for over 100 articles on physician career development, leadership effectiveness, consulting, speaking, writing, venture planning, and work-life balance.

This virtual library has 1000's of "golden nuggets" with the potential to transform your life, help you overcome a variety of problems many physicians face on a daily basis, and give you new insights on where to go in your career and life.

You'll also find a special "Experts Resource" -  articles directly from my personal rolodex of mentors where you'll learn more advanced concepts of the above topics.

Discover The Power Of Collaboration:

Physician Roundtable Discussion Forum - For Doctors To Speak Freely And Share Your Perspectives - A Synergistic Environment Perfect For Incubating Life Transforming Concepts And Strategies

There are many opportunities to increase our knowledge as physicians today. We come across them in our day to day experience, through the use of books, articles, and even more easily today with the prevalence of the internet.

However, throughout history, many of the most remarkable breakthroughs weren't made by one person's observations or learning. Indeed, it was when a great group of people came together to share and combine one another's ideas that the most amazing discoveries and advancements were made.

Continuing this philosophy of collaboration, an added value part of your membership is the Online Discussion forum. You'll have the opportunity to meet and discuss with physicians from around the world on one easy to use web page--and connect conveniently and confidentially via a members-only group-list email. You'll be able to post and share your thoughts with the click of a button.

You'll have a receptive, constructive environment for your voice to be heard. And a place to learn and grow from the insights, experiences, and perspectives of fellow physicians.


One Of The Wisest Investments
A Physician Can Make...

There are plenty of ways for you to spend your time, energy, and dollars.

Many physicians invest in large homes, cars, stocks, and bonds. And it's true, these investments can yield great dividends.  

But there is another kind of investment that has been proven time and time again to far exceed all of the above in its return. And that is an investment in yourself. An investment in the knowledge of yourself, and knowledge of how to make the most out of your talents, your smarts, and the opportunities available to you.

With that in mind, let's quickly re-cap all of the things you'll be investing in as a founding member of the Physician Success Circle Career Development Institute...

A summary of what's included in your Physician Career Transformation Strategies Program:

Eight Physician Career Transformation Modules delivered by LIVE training tele-seminars to help you uncover the most fulfilling career path, learn about acceleration strategies so you don't have to leave your position, learn transition options if you do want to leave; be more valued and rewarded in your organization, be an effective and inspiring leader, and much, much more!  Module teleseminar handouts posted in advance!

Monthly Success Mentoring Q&A conference calls where you can get on the spot career advice for the challenges you're facing, and listen and learn with other like minded physicians in breakthrough discussions.

One-On-One Private "Laser Coaching" with Francine twice during the program, to help break down the biggest walls holding you back from achieving your goals!

Experts-on-Call interviews with top experts and Daring Doctors, bi-monthly where you get to ask your most important and challenging questions.

Access to the Physicians Mastery Library, with over 100 articles and downloads containing powerful strategies and plans to get you where you want to be.

Access to the Discussion Forum: between our live calls meet with your fellow members, share problems and successes, brainstorm, vent, and discuss what's on your mind.

Weekly Email Success-Tracking to keep you focused on your BIG Goal and the implementation of recommended Action Plans introduced each month.

Members Only homepage with easy navigation to your Success Circle calendar, teleseminar notes, audio replays, articles, download, and links, so you never have to surf for the learning resources you need.

Audio Replay and mp3 download of every teleseminar, mentoring Q&A call, Experts-on-Call interview so you never have to worry about a schedule conflict and missing a call. We'll even record your one-on-one laser coaching sessions for you so you don't have to take notes!


Thank you for the very effective work that you have done with the Physician Management Council.   . . .  the PMC clearly interacts differently  . . .There is a much increased awareness of individual personality types to the extend that they now jokingly refer to that being my "green element" or "blue element" that may be causing the conflict.  This allows them to identify possible conflict within the group much earlier and quantify it. The workings of the group on both key issues and in more relaxed environments is smoother and with I sense much more of a collective result.

From the first interactions, they have appreciated your frank and open assessment and I think you have made a substantial impact on the operations of this leadership group.

H. Lester Reed , MD
Medical Director
Multicare Medical Group
Tacoma, WA

Register for Physician Success Circle


Program Fee And
Registration Information

A Special Offer For Charter Members of the Success Circle Career Transformation Workshop

Because of the commitment I'm making to your future success, I want to kick off your success with some very special tools that will make your job of accomplishing your goals even easier!

Bonus #1

On the go strategies for busy physicians who want to improve their leadership and business effectiveness

As a founding member, you'll receive a 6-month subscription to "Physician Success Notes" audio digest -- a 10-minute audio seminar delivered to you every two weeks for 6 months. I'll break down a handful of simple actions steps you can easily digest and put to use in your daily life throughout the week. 

You'll also get the essentials in a simple one-page "Success Briefing" that will cover the important points of the success concept, including the one or two actions you should be taking each day to apply it. Post this in your office or home to easily remind yourself what to do each day, and build lasting habits for success!  ($167 Value)



Bonus #2

Do You Know The Secret "Power" Behind Virtually Every Vibrant Career And Powerful Leadership Position?

If you've ever wondered how the most successful physicians "power" their career, their leadership and their thinking, this Online Workshop, "Your Authentic Self" reveals the secret that they've implemented.

You will learn how your "Authentic Self" is the "engine" that can drive you down the best-fit, most energizing career path, and that will naturally attract the committed followers you desire in your leadership role.

Rather than being a "mysterious and woo-woo" process, finding your "Authentic Self" is actually a methodical, step-by-step approach to building a Personal Compass that will take you where you were meant to go.  ($197 Value)


Extra Special Bonus #3

Early Registrants Only

Register before our "early bird' cut-off and Launch Your Journey With A Personalized one-hour Private "Success Strategy Kick-Off Session" - 

"Coach Call-in" week is your first opportunity for a private 10-15-minute "laser coaching" session. However, if sign up as an "early bird" you will have an extended "Success Strategy Kick-off Session" with me for a full hour.

We'll begin by having you fill out a specially-created "Success Assessment" before our call, where I'll ask you questions to help uncover your particular goals, dreams, and the problem areas holding you back from reaching them.

Then, we'll work together over the phone to dig even deeper into exactly where you want to go. You'll have customized success strategies to get you started off on the right foot toward your goals.

I'll record our entire call if you choose and send you the mp3 copy for you to review at your convenience so you can keep a clear vision of the first steps you should be taking to unlock the success you want.

As a result, you'll be able to maximize your time and energy by focusing only on the things we've identified as being "key" to building the career and life you want.  ($597 Value)

Register for Physician Success Circle


Expect Great Things:

The Physician Success Circle career development Institute is designed for doctors expecting great things. As a member, you can expect to make significant progress along one or more of these areas:

  • Developing career resilience and work-life enjoyment

  • Expanding or changing your career within or outside healthcare

  • Learning to be more personally effective in changing the healthcare system, at the local or national level

  • Finding ways to express your creativity and unique gifts within your practice situation or as an mission/avocation within your community

  • Learning about additional (and ethical) ways to profit from your medical knowledge through speaking, consulting, information products, seminars that YOU create and deliver

  • Learning ways to build up your morale and the overall collegiality of physicians in your organization

I look forward to sharing all the details of this exciting new group with you soon! Click below to secure your founder's membership now...


Submit your registration now and uncover the tools, resources, support, and step-by-step guidance you need to make it happen.

You'll be taken to a 100% secure order page, where you can fill out your personal and billing information. 

Once your registration has been received, you'll receive a welcome email with all your program details, including the access codes to the special participants only web site where all the archives and recordings have been posted, as well as the call in details for future meetings.

I look forward to welcoming you to the group!


"Yes, I'm ready to transform my current physician career path into highly energized, multiple growth avenues...tapping into my potential, making myself and my family happy, and feeling joy in every day--- journey  

I understand my credit card will be charged for the tuition fees as indicated.

I'm assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after my information is received I will get an electronic receipt within a few minutes.

Physician Success Circle - Career Transformation Strategic Planning Program



Register before March 15:




Prefer to Mail or FAX your Registration? contact our office  

Groups of 3 or more, contact our office for an additional discount.



P.S. Remember, developing your career is not a solo act! The road to success is paved with the right coaching and support, plus a network of success-minded colleagues that share resources and encourage you along. That's exactly what you get with the Physician Success Circle career development Institute…the right information at just the right time, expert coaching, and people who are TRULY your advocates.

Don't keep your success waiting any longer!

Go to Registration

Best regards,


Questions? Call me at (206) 686-4205 or send an email.


PS - My personal promise to you: if you are not totally satisfied with the quality of the Physician Success Circle Career Institute you can quit at any time. 


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