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The downfall of  many business plan authors is that they often mistake paper volume . . . for clarity of thought 

Do you have an idea for a new healthcare product or business?  But perhaps you're a little puzzled about how to market it?   

Are you raring to go with a new medical device, invention or technology program, but intimidated by the business-jargon of marketing and finance experts you have to deal with? 

It sounds like you are a budding healthcare entrepreneur . . . in need of  a good, simple business resource to balance your visionary side . . .  and NOW you have it!

Introducing The Thumbnail Business Plan™  

for New Healthcare Business Ventures

Toss that stiff textbook on business planning . . . or the complex software application that promises to "fill in the blanks" for you.  

The Thumbnail Business Plan™  will "talk you through" the essentials you need to get your business off the ground with the funding you need.  In no time you  will be talking through the key points with potential investors and business partners. If you can answer the questions asked on The Thumbnail Business Plan™ slides, you are actually creating your business plan presentation . . . real time! 

The Thumbnail Business Plan™, while appearing to be a rather thin document at first blush, will thoroughly test the soundness of your product idea, market strategy and financial forecast.

The Thumbnail Business Plan™ is, in essence, a template for a business plan Executive Summary.  Not only will it walk you through a complete business case analysis, but it will also force you to make your story concise for the benefit of future investors and business partners.

Please enter your name and email in the form below and you will immediately download the PDF file to begin the business, market, and financial analysis for your new venture.  You could be presenting your business plan tomorrow!

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