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What is My Unique Talent Anyway?  An Exercise to Try 

Is your gut or heart challenging you to do something bigger or riskier with your life-work?  But you find yourself stumped about what your unique talent is? You know you’re a good doctor, and you may have also discovered you’re a good manager of your group or medical staff.  But what is it that effortlessly feeds your soul?  Often our family and friends are able to see qualities about us that we can’t see.  Our minds are too full of “I should” or “I can’t ”.  Here is a simple exercise to help you unlock the “real you” that wants out.  Ask three to five family members or good friends to honestly answer five questions about YOU.  Once they answer the questions, thank them for their feedback, write down what you heard, but do NOT engage in a discussion.  Here are the questions:

  1. “What do you think is my greatest strength?
  2. “What is my biggest weakness? (Ask for a constructive response if appropriate.)
  3. “If I were on the cover of a magazine, what magazine would it be, and what would the story be about?”
  4. “What do you see as my special talent or gift? What do I do naturally and effortlessly that is special?”
  5. “When am I most fully expressing this gift or talent?”

 Is unlocking your passion really this simple?  You will be amazed and delighted!  

Go for it! 

Reference:  Coach Yourself to Success, by Talane Miadenar.

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