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Let Your Business Card Declare Your Intention; and Be Nitpicky

When you network with others who can offer you insight, advise or information, be sure to leave contacts your “new” business card.  Keep your card professional, clean and simple.  Your name, address, phone, fax, and email will be sufficient.  If you are available for general consulting, include a single line such as  “Healthcare Consulting”.  If you are quite certain about the industry you want pursue, and have the minimum credentials, be bold and declare yourself to be a “Legal Medicine Consultant” or “Consumer Health Safety Consultant” or “Mind-Body Medicine Consultant” as examples.  If your email address is currently an undecipherable combination of letters and numbers (e.g. xosienrj345@aol.com), get a new address that reinforces your name in the mind of contacts, for example, DrGaillour@aol.com or QualityExpert@aol.com .  When creating your business card, spend a little money for a professional result.  DO NOT CREATE YOUR BUSINESS CARDS ON YOUR HOME COMPUTER AND PRINTER!  Find a local professional printer.  Or through the Internet, for less than $100, LogoWorks.com, Kinkos.com or iprint.com will create a very professional card.  When you use their card wizard, select their “professional” image card, with business-type fonts, no logo, and the heaviest card stock (100-110 pound).  Nitpicky? Yes, but you’re worth it! 

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