As Executive Director of the Physician Coaching Institute, Dr. Francine Gaillour has been at the forefront of coaching for physicians and healthcare teams. Executive coaching is  for physicians in various roles, from physician executive, to department chair, to front-line clinical staff, to physicians in transition.  For groups and teams, Dr. Gaillour has developed leadership  workshops focused on developing collegiality and collaboration.

Executive Coaching:

The Platinum Executive Coaching Program is a one-on-one professional development program geared to help the individual achieve specific leadership, career or entrepreneurial goals. The Program requires commitment of  6 months, with an initial 2.5-day Client Strategy Meeting to kick-off the program then followed by Implementation Coaching to meet  goals.  Shorter duration Focused Strategy Coaching options are also available for physicians with more urgent or specific situations.  Learn more.

Group Training by Teleconference:

Dr. Gaillour offers a unique 6-month program for physicians at various stages of professional and leadership development, Physician Pathway to Possibility. Offering professional and career development essential to leadership and business success, but not taught in a typical leadership and MBA course, the Physician Pathway to Possibility provides physicians valuable business strategies PLUS the coaching necessary to apply successfully.

In addition to the teleconference training, the Physician Pathway to Possibility includes an optional 2-day Business Communication Workshop, held onsite to ensure skills are practices and solidified. Learn more.

On-Site Group Leadership Training:

Transformative Leader – High Functioning Teams consists of customized physician leadership workshops  for health systems seeking to offer physicians unique skills-development training not found in a typical leadership or MBA courses.  The Physician Coaching Institute’s aim is to help physicians develop collegiality, collaboration and effective team work–to the lay the groundwork for transformation to emerge.

This transformational leadership competency sets the stage for organizations to succeed with strategic initiatives such as EMR and CPOE implementation, clinical transformation, Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), and integrated Accountable Care Organizations—all of which have a high risk of failure if buy-in and team work is absent.

Learning topics include Exploring Personal and Share Values, Developing Lines of Communication and Collaboration, Art of Influence and Enrollment, Leading Your Vision, Power of Acknowledgment, and other topics that incorporate a coaching approach to leadership effectiveness.  Contact Dr. Gaillour to discuss training in your organization.

We are proud to introduce a new program in 2012, Transformative Leader – Essentials of Coaching.  This program is geared for physician and clinical leaders, plus administrative members of the team.  The goal of the program is to teach executives and leaders foundational coaching skills.  Research has shown that coaching skills are an effective way to get the most out of peers, direct reports and teams, plus an empowering method to improve morale and minimize conflict.  The training is delivered  as a 2-day on-site at your organization. Lear more.

Speaking Programs:

Do you need speaker for your next physician or healthcare executives event? Consider inviting Dr. Gaillour to shed light on physician culture and the qualities that  handicap their ability to meet the demands made of them by health system initiatives, reform and change.  Physicians are consummate students and learners, so why don’t they budge you want them to “buy-in”?  From coaching and training hundreds of physicians, Dr. Gaillour has discovered some of the keys to unlock the untapped potential of physician power to effect change. Learn more.

Meeting and Event Facilitation:

Dr. Gaillour is a trained facilitator and have been called on to lead  retreats, to intervene as a neutral party in negotiations, and to catalyze breakthroughs and creative thinking.  Contact us to discuss your situation.