What is the “Next Practice” of Highly Energized Physicians?

“They take action to tap into their potential, envision the future they want and create success.”

Dear Colleague,

I invite you take the next step in your career.  Depending on your key objectives, I am confident that you will benefit from exploring our group learning program:

Physician Innovators  Academy

A 6-month career development and training program for a small cohort of motivated and physicians.  Learn essential career advancement, professional development, business-world-navigation, and transition strategies that will enable you to build resilience in expand your options, no matter the stage of your career.

If you are a physician leader, ready to be deliberate, strategic, or needing upgrade your personal effectiveness to drive serious change in your organization, or think out of the box about your organizational initiatives,  then take a look at this 6-month leadership certification program.

This is also an excellent foundational skills development program for  busy physicians who also play a critical leadership role such as as department chair, practice leader,  or medical director.

Earn the Physician Innovator Certificate*

Click here to learn more and attend an Orientation teleconference.

Join me in the near future for one of our frequent teleconference Orientation Sessions.  Commit to your development, your potential and your future.

Best regards,

Francine Gaillour, MD
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians