7 Practices of Highly Energized Physicians – For American Neurological Association Members

“The 7 Practices of Highly Energized Physicians”
FREE 7-Part Audio Seminar


Are you curious to know what “highly energized” physicians are doing that less-than-joyful docs are not?

Based on my work with hundreds of physicians over the years, I have distilled the essential practices into these seven.

They aren’t necessarily easy, but the Seven Practices are absolutely achievable. And by adopting these practices, you will get yourself on a path to fulfillment, energy, achievement and abundance.

I created the “7 Practices of Highly Energized Physicians” as a FREE 30-day Audio Program to help you jump start your progress and start enjoying abundance, fulfillment and joy.

Every four days you will receive a short (~5 minutes) audio “mini-seminar” where I will share the details of each of the 7 Practices. Each mini-seminar includes information about the practice and then an “action plan” that you can implement immediately to give you a taste of the “good life” that highly energized physicians enjoy.

I am completely confident you will start to “energize” your life after starting the very first practice! So, take bold action — (actually that’s a good practice too!)– and sign-up below to receive my audio program.

Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians
As a healthcare technology leader, executive coach and consultant,
Dr. Francine Gaillour works with physicians who are stepping up
to lead healthcare transformation.