Physician Success Notes Audio Series–The “mini-MBA”–is now a free resource

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Career Resilience & Fulfillment,Executive Coaching for Physicians,Podcasts,Transformational Leadership

I am please to announce that my Physician Success Notes audio learning  is now available as a free coaching resource.  Previously this “mini-MBA” was a resource I made available only to my private clients or to health systems whose physicians I was  team coaching.

These 10-minute “Physician Success Notes” audio seminars are delivered to you by email every week for 12 weeks. I break down a handful of “essential strategies” that that have helped my physician clients be more effective and productive as business leaders.

The twelve audio seminars are not only the strategies, but also the simple actions steps you can easily digest and apply in your daily life throughout the month. Instead of having to “hit the books” for hours on end, you’ll take away proven steps to make real changes in your life – in just 10 easy minutes.

Register for audio series here.

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