Physician Coaching Institute Grads in Medical Economics: Health Coaching and Patient-Centered Care

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Marketing and Promotion

I’m proud to announce three of my Physician Coaching Institute “mentees” have a cover-featured article in this month’s issue of Medical Economics (circulation: 230,000).

“How Health Coaching Can Help Your Patients and Your Practice” was written by PCI grads and Certified Physician Development Coaches, Deborah Munhoz, MS, Cezanne Allen, MD and Lisa Duggan, MD.

What impressed me about these three coaches is not only the well-written comprehensive educational piece, but the fact that they methodically and expertly implemented key concepts we introduce in the PCI Advanced Certification Program for experienced coaches:

– Refining your expertise as a coach or consultant
– Understanding the “physician dynamic” and how physicians learn
– Thinking strategically about how coaching fits with initiatives such as Patient-centered Medical Home
– Collaborating to expand your audience—and accelerate your learning

Please take a few minutes and read their article about how a patient-centered coaching approach can improve retention and adherence.  While you’re at it, send them an email congratulations.

Curious about the field of coaching?  Learn more in an upcoming free teleseminar:  Introduction to Executive Coaching for Physicians.

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