Physicians Can Benefit from “Happiness Coaching”

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Meet Some "Daring Doctors",Transformational Leadership

An enjoyable article in today’s Wall Street Journal “Happiness Coaching Comes to the Workplace” highlights the value of structured programs (seminars) and coaching to improve the mood and attitudes of workers.  The article features Dr. Ivelisse Rivera, a physician at Community Health Center, Middletown, Conn., who learns the benefits of adjusting her mood and attitude upward.

I have long observed that the mood of physician’s office staff or healthcare team can be easily influenced by the physician leader or doctor in charge.  Furthermore, it doesn’t take much effort to  elevate the mood and attitudes of a team, or conversely to poison the environment with a whiny disposition.

We all lament loss of control in healthcare, but the ONE thing we do have control over is our ability to manage our attitude and elevate each other’s mood.

If you’ve listened to my “7 Practices of Highly Energized Physicians” audio program, you know that one of the 7 Practices is to STOP WHINING.  Positive psychology takes it the next step:  START Elevating the mood of your team.


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