The Doctor is in Your Car . . . and Your iPod, and on Your TV

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Career Resilience & Fulfillment,Innovation and Entrepreneurship,Marketing and Promotion

I was amused to read the article in today’s Wall Street Journal, The Doctor is in Your Car, highlighting the new 24-hour radio channel, Doctor Radio, on Sirius. The channel features interviews with “real” physicians (not celebrity physicians or broadcasters) and takes calls from consumers who want information or advice.

Doctor Radio is a wonderful illustration of how physicians are learning to “expand” the way they “doctor.” As I’ve mentioned many times in my audio seminars and career development programs, physicians have a great opportunity to enlarge their circle of influence and to bring more skills and talents to work every day.

If you are a physician interested in learning how to get yourself out there in media, webcasts, blogs, podcasts, and information products, take a look at the Tele-workshop we’ll be offering in the Fall, “Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell Through Web Media and Information Products.”

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