Physician Career Change Sometimes Starts With Small Changes in Appearance

by Francine Gaillour, MD

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Here I am with my Platinum Program client, Dr. Krishna Satya, an ER doc by training, and now blossoming creative writer. We were enjoying the last of Seattle sunshine before his move to San Francisco in early fall. Krishna is a delight for many reasons, one of which is his creative soul. He and I had fun discussing the significance of expressing your “true self” even in small details of how we dress. Although you can’t tell in this photo, he was sporting new eyeglasses—very edgy.

I frequently observe (and sometimes encourage) my clients start wearing something new to mark the beginning of their professional transformation.

One client envisioned during a “future visioning” session we conducted that his “future self” was wearing a specific style of penny loafers — and so he went out and bought them! Another client bought a new business pant-suit on the occasion of our first client strategy meeting (even though I said business casual), because she intuitively felt it was the appropriate attire for the journey ahead (and she looked fabulous!) When I made my own transition over 14 years ago to healthcare technology, I changed my dress in a seemingly frivolous way: I let my fingernails grow and painted them! (True confession: I chewed my nails all my life up until the time I made my transition).

Don’t underestimate the power of making even a minor “symbolic” change in your dress or appearance. I’m curious, what would be your “symbolic” change if gave yourself the freedom to express more of your true self? Email me!

To thine own self be true


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