Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Healthcare Consultant?

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Aligning With Values & Purpose,Career Resilience & Fulfillment,Innovation and Entrepreneurship

If you’re a physician leader or a physician who’s achieved results in either medical management, practice management, change management, EMR implementation, physician-hospital relations, or wellness creation, then you have specialized experience that healthcare organizations, large corporations, group practices, and employer groups are keen to tap into.

Some of you have been thinking about doing consulting, speaking or “expert” work on the side. But perhaps you have stalled in your thinking because you’re not sure how to market yourself or establish fees.

Get a high-level overview why you might want to consider consulting, what obstacles physicians commonly face when venturing into a consulting business, and what you need to know to be successful.

In December and January I will be leading a 75-minute Teleconference for physicians and other healthcare professionals who have specific expertise, clinical knowledge, wellness methods, or management approach that could benefit a larger audience, but who are unsure about about what to do next and whether they are cut out for consulting.

This is also a PREVIEW call of the Healthcare Consulting Academy, a new training and certification program starting in February, 2008—-for serious physicians who are ready to move forward after the Orientation and launch a consulting, training or speaking business during 2008, or to significantly upgrade their current consulting business.

To get more details about the FREE Teleconference and to Enroll, please click here.

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