Dr. Francine Gaillour in AMA News Article About Life Coaches for Physicians

by Francine Gaillour, MD

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AMA NewsI am delighted to report that I was interviewed for an article in the October 8 issue of the American Medical Association News:  “Game Plan for your future:  Life coaches help call the plays”

You need to be an AMA News subscriber to access the article, but we are in the process of obtaining a PDF version.

The article addressed the fact that physicians are increasingly seeking coaches — life coaching, career coaching, and leadership coaching — to help them establish professional goals or achieve work-life balance.  In addition the article mentioned that more physicians are contemplating a career transition to BECOME coaches.   The Physician Coaching Institute was mentioned as a resource for coaches who want to obtain advanced certification training the area of healthcare coaching.   The Physician Coaching Institute was founded by me over five years ago, and last year we went through a complete revamp of the program.  At the end of 2007, fifteen coaches will have earned the Certified Physician Development Coach credential.

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