Doctors Who Expand Their Career Learn New Ways to Be Healers

by Francine Gaillour, MD

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Two weeks ago I launched the newest cohort of Physician Coaching Institute trainees. This is a small group of talented and committed professional coaches who are embarking on a 6-month intensive curriculum and Advanced Certification Program. During the program they will acquire additional competencies to coach physicians and to growth their business to serve this well-deserving market niche.

In my introduction and orientation discussion with new members, many of whom are physicians who have completed coach training, I stress the importance of helping physicians expand what it means to be a “healer.”

Many physicians are attached to a definition of “doctoring” and “healing” that must include “I wear a white coat and see patients.” The reality is most physicians are limiting themselves and falling short of their true capability to reach many more lives and influence the health and habits of their community.

One of my physician clients is a busy Internist who loves his practice and his patients AND he is developing a speaking and seminar business that allows him to spread his message of healthful living.

Another one of my physician clients is developing his skills as an academic faculty to teach more residents and medical students about ethical pain management.

The point is this: Physicians have tremendous untapped potential to leverage their medical knowledge and expertise through speaking, writing, teaching, creating information products, CDs — without leaving clinical practice.

What is that untapped potential you have to teach and reach more people in your community? Share your thoughts by commenting or email me directly.


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