Aligning Your Life With Values: Does Not Exclude Business

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Aligning With Values & Purpose,Innovation and Entrepreneurship

My sister, Marsha, is on the left, and we are enjoying a rare event: she has come to visit me in Seattle. Usually I visit her (and I tease my sisters mercilessly about how many times I’ve flown to see them and how far behind they are in returning the favor).

Marsha frequently serves as an impromptu coach for me when we’re together, and always helps me realign my life with my values.

While it is easy to go through a checklist of Values and identify your top 5 or 10, it is not as easy to live in full alignment with them. And just like my clients, I benefit from having a coach, mentor or a sibling who can help me get clear and stay true.

Marsha was a former systems engineer with Sandia Labs, and now is a successful entrepreneur representing Usana nutritional products. (And she has several physicians who are part of her team).

Her business has given her the flexibility to honor her value of being a great parent. And she is an amazing example of how you can be BOTH a spiritually centered person and also an awesome network marketer!

Here’s to your staying aligned with your Values!


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