What Gets You Closest to Your Physician Career Goal?

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Career Resilience & Fulfillment

There is an old saying: “Keep in mind what gets you closest to the money.”

Another way to phrase it is: of all the stuff you keep yourself busy with, what really is going to propel you forward toward your BIG GOAL? Can you eliminate the clutter, the to-do list (or at least re-prioritize) so the SINGLE one strategy can you focus on for a solid week or two in order to get you launched to a new level along your journey toward your BIG career goal?

Here’s a quick case study: One of my clients was growing anxious to make a career transition. We had identified a number of organizations that he was going to contact. We had also “scripted” his networking and inquiry spiels. But he kept putting off the task of making the calls. Instead he kept himself “very busy” reworking his resume, and otherwise burying his head in work.

What was the ONE strategy that got him closer to his goal? Making the phone calls! We identified making those calls as the #1 BIG LEAP to make NOW. And leap it was, because fear is what kept him from moving forward and making those calls felt like flying without a safety net. Aahh, but the result: Three solid interviews.

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that our “business” is moving us forward. Unfortunately it’s often not the case.

So think about what ONE strategy you can implement that vaults you forward in a big way. Even if you fear implementing, at least figure out what it is.

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