A Daring Doctor Challenges Physicians To Rethink Report Cards

by Francine Gaillour, MD

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Here is a fuzzy photo of me with my Platinum program client and good friend, Dr. Fred Tobis, a former interventional cardiologist from Seattle, and now healthcare consultant. We look casual but we’re really hard at work strategizing about a project he has going. Fred is an expert in bringing medical staff and administrative teams together to create new programs, such as hospitalists and intensivists.

I was also congratulating him on an article he published recently in ACPE’s “Leading Edge” online journal, entitled “Physician Report Cards: Easy A”. Check it out.

Fred not only has great insights but a witty edge to his writing style. We had fun polishing up his article and getting his voice out there.

Do you have an opinion on a topic that you want out in print? It’s fun and gratifying to have an article published — and it’s easier than you think. Take a look at October’s Success Training teleseminar event below.

— Get your voice heard! — Francine

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