The Journeys of Career Development Takes Courage and Resilience

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Aligning With Values & Purpose,Career Resilience & Fulfillment,Meet Some "Daring Doctors",Transformational Leadership

Here am I standing in front of this two-story rock fireplace with my Platinum Program client, Lydia Njamfa, MD, a family physician and business owner from Dallas, Texas. No it’s not my home–After a lunch break during our Client Strategy Meeting, I brought Lydia to the Civica Building in downtown Bellevue. The building has a terrific atrium lobby for informal meetings and networking. After we had coffee, the place felt so good that we finished the rest of working day there.

I am inspired by Lydia for many reasons, one of which is her amazing resilience through her ‘ journeys’ from her native Cameroon, West Africa to Dallas, and then from solo practitioner to “Big Thinker in Business and Mission.” Stay tuned for more to come from this remarkable adventurer.

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