The Secret Law of Attraction Brought Me a . . . Bichon!

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Aligning With Values & Purpose,Marketing and Promotion

Ok, so I’m going to offer my two cents on “The Secret” law of attraction buzz. The law of attraction asserts that you will manifest that which your mind focuses on. Yes, it’s true, the secret does work . . . and sometimes in mysterious and whimsical ways. The phrase I use in my business is the “power of intention” and it’s a concept I introduce to my clients starting from our initial strategy meeting. Here’s my personal story about this powerful law:

Two years ago I set an “intention” that I wanted to deepen my relationships with my current friends and develop one new friend that would be important to me for many years.

Well, my intention became manifestation in the form of my furry new friend, “Mosey,” our Bichon Frise. We initially got Mosey two years ago for my daughter, but now Mosey is MY best buddy, who I hope will be with me for many years. The way I look at it, Mosey is G-d’s “wink in the eye” response to my intention.

By the way, I highly recommend Dr. Wayne Dyer’s excellent series that aired on public TV a couple of years ago, The Power of Intention, now available as CD/DVD.

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