Here am I sitting with the book The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, written by Nassim Taleb and sent to me by my client, Charles Guernsey, DO, MBA, (in the photo on left). Normally I am the one recommending or sending reading material to my clients, but Charles keeps me on my toes with regular packages containing thought-provoking books and articles.

Charles is on a trajectory to becoming a national thought leader and educator on the subject of ethical pain management. Like many “daring doctors” who want to push the envelope, he is forever enlarging his circle of ideas and sources of intellectual stimulation.

In The Black Swan, the author argues that “most of the really big events in our world are rare and unpredictable, and thus trying to extract generalizable stories to explain them may be emotionally satisfying, but it’s practically useless. September 11th is one such example, and stock market crashes are another… History does not crawl, it jumps.” (Review by Chris Anderson on Amazon’s site)

Charles’s intellectual fun inspired the topic of this edition of Daring Doctors. Click here.

— Francine

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