A Daring Doctor Explores Career Alternatives

by Francine Gaillour, MD

in Aligning With Values & Purpose,Career Resilience & Fulfillment,Meet Some "Daring Doctors"

Daring Doctors - Trail of Painted Ponies

Here is my Platinum program client, Dr. Scott Gebhardt, a successful and visionary Internist from Florida, and we are at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Scott and I are taking a lunch break during our Client Strategy Session that kicked off his Platinum Executive Coaching Program in March. New clients have the option of traveling to Seattle or New Mexico for our initial meeting.

The turquoise pony behind us is one of many decorated life-size fiberglass ponies that have made New Mexico’s “Trail of the Painted Ponies” one of the most successful and famous painted-animal fund-raisers in the country. When it comes to “art and spirit,” you can’t beat New Mexico!

Where is your “spirit” taking you next? My feature article this month may give you some insight . . .

—- Francine

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