Francine Gaillour, MDFinally, after 6 months of research and development, physician surveys on satisfaction, career aspirations and morale, the much-anticipated “Physician Success Circle” is launched!!!

Here is free introductory telesemianr for physicians ‘Give Your Career
a Kick in the Pants’
where you can learn 2 winning strategies for accelerating your career.
This information call was also a PREVIEW
“Physician Success Circle” coaching program.

Please note that charter memberships are limited —and
for your early decision you’ll be rewarded some
pretty special bonuses. Yes, my gift to you.

“Physician Success Circle” will provide you an
abundance of successful physician career
expansion and resilience strategies that I use
with my private physician clients to help
them create a life of fulfillment and joy.

Here is a quick sample of the topics we will cover
just in the next few months:
* Discovering your strenghths and passions
* Making your strengths and passion the center of your career
* Tasteful self-promotion within your organization
* How to showcase your expertise outside your organization
* What your Bio should say about you
* Your personal ‘brand’ and why it matters
* Mastering meetings and why your success hinges on it
* Focused networking and why it’s better than schmoozing
* Get yourself published as an expert
* Develop a “leverage portfolio” for advancement or transition
… for more details about what you will learn
and how you will grow in the “Physician Success Circle,”
take a look at the introductory tour at:

“Physician Success Circle”

PLUS I am starting new members out with FIVE career development
bonuses to help you start you on your personal journey
of career success and joy.

You can do it!

But don’t take my word for it alone that my strategies work. Check out the success stories and see what I mean now at
“Physician Success Circle”

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