Here I am with my Platinum Executive Program client, Dr. Dana Carpenter (on the right), an Ob-Gyn physician and healthcare media advisor–“Dr. Dana”. She took our picture with the built-in webcam on her iMac notebook during our Client Strategy meeting last month.

When it comes to technology, I find that physicians are “all over the map.” A few are super-savvy–particularly with hand-held technology like PDA.

But most are cyber-challenged when it comes to business and marketing uses of technology.

There are definitely a few “technology tricks” you need to learn when it comes to career advancement, expansion–and to avoid embarrassing yourself in a new business role. Right now I am instructing one of my Mastermind Groups how to record audio programs directly into their computer. Several of my clients are registering their web domain names for the first time. Three are setting up blogs. One will be going through a short tutorial on how to write a memo on Word.

But this is the biggest techno-tip I teach: Never let technology hold you back! Your creativity and courage (that’s where Dr. Dana absolutely excels!) are the real engines that will propel you forward.

Sincerely cyber, —- Francine

p.s. I am developing a 10-part Video tutorial for physicians, containing the “essential” skills (no more, no less) that you need to present yourself well in the business world, but not turn yourself into a cyber-slave.

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