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Introducing a special 2-Program Online Super-Workshop - Enroll in self-study CME that will change your life!

For Physicians Who Are Contemplating Career Change: Are You Feeling Stressed, Burned Out, Unappreciated, Bored, Or Just Plain Unfulfilled With Your Current Position?

Now you can take your 'inkling' or 'burning idea' for a new non-clinical career and make it real.

Discover All The Exciting Fields That Are Open to Doctors With Your Skills, Talents, And Aptitudes.

And Find Out Category-by-Category What the Potential Career Path and Additional Income Stream Possibilities There Are -- even if You Don't Plan to Leave Your Current Position.


Program 1: Career Expansion Ideas for Doctors: 50+ Non-Clinical Paths for Physicians Seeking Additional Streams of Income or Career Transition"  

Program 2: The Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition: Launch Yourself into a fulfilling non-clinical career



  • Are you a high energy, self disciplined, self motivated physician who wants to tap into your full potential and start profiting from your passions?
  • Are you experiencing physician career burnout in your current position, and ready for new challenges with the big rewards to go with them?
  • Would you enjoy moving into a working environment where your skills and talents are appreciated, and stress levels are more manageable?

Now, you can finally move forward on a career option, using specific physician transition strategies, and avoiding the unique pit falls facing doctors interested in a non-clinical career. All from a long time physician who made the transition herself---and has helped dozens of physicians do the same!

By using this step-by-step, action-oriented resource Online Super-Workshop, you'll be able to quickly and easily move from "not knowing where to start" with your 'inkling' of a career idea, or your 'hot idea' to doing the work you really love. You'll finally have the power to customize your profession to fit your individual needs, desires, and aspirations. So you can have the financial, emotional, and personal rewards you deserve - but have had to sacrifice up until now...


From: Francine R. Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Author, Speaker, Consultant - 
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians 

Dear Physician Colleague:

Do you have an inkling that you have so much more "brain power," "engine power" and talent than you actually utilize in your current situation?  You are not unique in feeling that way!  Many physicians have reached a point in their career where they are ready to try something new.  

Making a career change as a physician is a daunting proposition--no matter how old you are, or where you are in your career. And you are not alone in feeling puzzled about where to go for help and how to start a transition. 

Let me assure you that just by reading this, you are taking a important first step in journeying outside of your comfort zone!  Not only that, you are going to be delighted and amazed at what is in store for you once you really start exploring new possibilities! 

Career transition can be intimidating---but the pay-off is enormous!  Doing fulfilling work you really love is energizing, mind-expanding . . . .and can be downright profitable!  New people, new places, new skills, a joy of work, looking forward to each day, making a contribution to the world AND having fun . . and all you have to do is take the first step today by tapping into your proven strength as a life-long learner.

Read on to find the answers to your questions about career transition and how the guide can help you.

What is the origin of the Career Transition Workshop?

I have been coaching physicians on leadership and professional development---including career transition---for many years now.  In my work with physicians I developed and refined a set of tools and methods that I use to help them achieve their goals.  I thought it would be helpful to compile and make available some of these tools as a "self-coaching" resource for those of you who are not ready to work within a one-on-one executive coaching program or group coaching program.

"The [guide ] has been a blueprint for me and has served as a springboard for much research into a variety of topics. I never realized how much experience I had in so many fields and am now trying to parlay these experiences into a healthcare consultant and professional speaking firm. The [guide] has helped me identify my strengths, but more importantly, my weaknesses."
--D. Benson, MD, Internist, Florida

The Career Transition Workshop reflects the way real physicians approach professional skills-building and "retraining" after clinical practice.  It is a solid method, developed from the learning of many physicians who have gone through this process---and you can benefit by experiencing a smoother process, fewer frustrations, and less costly mistakes. 

If you want to follow the methods and footsteps of physicians who have been in your place, Career Transition Workshop was developed specifically to help you.

{Note: In my one-on-one coaching with physician clients who are exploring career change, we use many of the tools and methods in the Workshop, PLUS many more . . . contact me if you want to explore a one-on-one coaching program.}

  • Why do I need a guide to help me explore transition?

  • You belong to a specialized group of highly educated, yet socially insulated, group of professionals.  [I know from my own experience!]

    When I was ready to make a career change from clinical practice and into business, I had no idea what else physicians were capable of doing besides seeing patients or supervising other physicians.  

    By sheer luck, I took two critical action steps that forever changed the course of my professional and personal life . . .  You will learn not only these two critical actions but all the steps you need to join the hundreds of physicians who have gone from being frustrated to fulfilled.

    In this step-by-step, self-paced workshop, you will walk through the steps that not only I have taken, but also those that many other physicians have taken to successfully explore and find a non-clinical opportunity that fits them to a tee!  

    Unlike generic career books and Internet sites devoted to resumes and cover letters for non-professionals and non-physicians, in the Career Transition Workshop and Learning Modules you will benefit from the wisdom of dozens of physicians who have made a career change into non-clinical professional roles. 

    "The "Guide" is a must have for any physician contemplating a career change.  It spans the breadth of things one needs to consider from getting in touch with core values to the nuts and bolts of how to work a room in a networking event.  The style is so warm and friendly, I felt as though you were talking me through the  whole process.  I highly recommend the resource guide.  It's the only one I've seen written specifically for physicians and we, as highly trained professionals do have some special needs when we get ready to launch a new career.  Thanks for developing this valuable resource."

    J. Thilo, MD, Business Consultant


    What kind of resources do I need to start?

    Right now you possess many of tools and resources that will get you started in your transition and land you the next big adventure of your life. You just have to know how to use your time well, develop your "tool kit" and take advantage of these resources. 

    What are those resources?  

    In the Online Workshop you will learn how to effectively use these five resources at your disposal:

    • Current skills --- from the Guide you will learn which are transferable, which to acquire

    • Natural born talents ---- you will walk through an inventory of your special gifts, skills and talents--these will become the the center of your professional life and possibly the engine of your transition.

    • Friends and family ---- you will learn techniques to have people anxious to help you

    • Discipline to learn---- you will learn what types of extra study is worth your time

    • Energy and "can do" attitude ----your willingness to try something new and venture out is your most important asset

    Scroll to see the many non-clinical career paths for physicians" 


    Click here to Enroll

    What will I achieve from the Career Transition Workshop?

    You will tackle the challenge of career transition "armed" by reading and following the steps outlined in Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™   By following the steps methodically  you will:

    • Learn how career change is very different for physicians, and how to avoid costly and time-consuming transition strategies not appropriate for you

    • Develop an inventory of basic, advanced and specialized skills that will be essential for you in a new non-clinical role

    • Learn techniques for vaulting yourself into a new industry by leveraging key accomplishments

    • Plot your course in an organized way that reinforces your progress and keeps you on task

    In addition you will:

    • Learn how career expansion is actually a way to be better doctor

    • Develop an inventory of ideas that you can explore now or in the near future

    • Be more strategic about putting together a practical implementation plan, once you have a better idea of what you can aim for 

    • Learn insights about how some physicians forged unusual career paths and who these career paths are open to

    • Plot your exploration in an organized way that reinforces your interests and talents

    • Learn insider tips for finding opportunities that aren't advertised

    • Prepare for and rehearse  the "problem-solving" interview

    • Develop a compelling, powerful, "long-copy", accomplishment-laden physician executive power resume

    • Figure out what your real passions and hidden talents are, and how to make these the center of your professional life

    • Learn how to create a role for yourself in a company

    • Learn how to find positions that aren't posted

    What kinds of resources and strategies are in the Career Transition Workshop?

    These are just a few of the resources you will find invaluable:

    • A list of 50 healthcare related industries to investigate and evaluate

    • 40 ways to develop experiences that can be a door to a new career path

    • 15 professional must DOs to ensure your success

    • 3 types of networking and how to become proficient at each

    • 15 guidelines you should follow in creating your resume

    • 5 talking points necessary to get the attention of a future employer

    • 10 behaviors to avoid and keep yourself out of trouble

    • 4 steps to prepare yourself for meeting a key decision maker

    • 10 steps to winning the confidence of your next employer

    • The #1 most important action you'll take to make a successful transition 

    “Just for your files, I thought I would tell you what I am now doing. After working last year to raise funds for a cultural competency training program at our pediatric residency and succeeding to win a $450,000 NIH grant, I became interested in fund raising as a profession. One thing lead to another; I went to a week long training in non-profit fundraising; I made a proposal to our hospital foundation and now I am a full time fund raiser for the hospital.  My new title is “Director of Major Gifts/Physician Liaison.  I am using all my past connections and experience but I don’t see patients anymore. I give tours to potential donors and facilitate the efforts of parents who want to help us raise funds. I am organizing an alumni association for the residency.  I also have organized a committee of staff physicians to  maximize physician input in hospital fundraising. It's fun and creative work.
    Who knew?”  

    C.H., Pediatrician

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    Where do physicians get "stuck" when it comes to career transition?

    Physicians often need the most assistance with networking, making contacts, assessing their skills, and exploring specific local, regional and national possibilities that aren't even on their radar screen.  In addition, this is what I often hear:  

     "Give me the scoop in full, step-by-step detail. Don't leave anything to my imagination, don't assume I know any of this stuff." 

    Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™ Learning Modules focus on what mystifies physicians the most about career transition. In the detailed material, you will follow the examples of several physicians examples of several physicians examples of several physicians who are in the same place as you.  From their experience you will learn: who are in the same place as you.  From their experience you will learn: who are in the same place as you.  From their experience you will learn:

    • Where to go and what to do on the Internet or in the library to use your time efficiently

    • Exactly what to say to key contacts when you are networking

    • How to ask key questions to get valuable information without imposing on people

    • How to inventory your repertoire of skills and talents so you know what to hold and what to fold

    • How to develop valuable experience even though you work full time

    • How to format your resume so it makes for compelling reading

    • How to make the most important call of your life

    • How to talk about your key accomplishments so that you are perceived as a valuable asset and problem solver

    • How to leverage your current experience into new fields and industries

    • How to conduct the most important meeting of your career transition

    Even if you have an MBA, you need a smart transition strategy 

    "Many physicians who have completed an MBA, MHA or MMM have been unpleasantly surprised by the lukewarm reception they get from recruiters and employers."  

    What you are missing  is a personal marketing plan

    Career Transition Workshop is the valuable resource that will give you the unwritten rules for physicians who have completed advanced management training and now want to find the role of their dreams in business.   

    The Guide [modules] are packed with information, tips and secrets that will lead you to act more strategically in making your transition.  

    What is included in the Career Transition Workshop? 

    Your enrollment in the Online Workshop includes a 75-minute Audio and Workbook which comprise the Career Expansion Ideas Learning Unit and  Nine  self-guided Learning Modules which comprise the Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™ instructional materials -- each Module in a handy downloadable e-Book (PDF) format.  The Online Workshop is divided into three separate learning sections, and each of the nine modules moves you steadily  forward from the "small steps" to take now, to the bigger steps you will take when you have spiffed yourself and your resume.  You can work the Modules at your own pace, although I recommend that you aim to complete one Module every 2-4 weeks.   

    Or if you have specific hot issues that want addressed now, you can "jump around" and  work the Modules that are of special interest to you. 

    You will also get a personal Career Transition Workbook (PDF)  that will help you to:

    • Develop a timeline that works for your schedule

    • Keep track of your progress

    • Be consistent and thorough as you complete the assignments

    • Make forward progress toward your goal with each and every chapter

    You will have access to the Online Workshop within minutes of completing your enrollment!  Within the next hour you could be on your way to learning and implementing the concepts, strategies, and secrets of successful physician career change.    

    Special Bonuses with Purchase! 

    Whether you are just contemplating transition, or you are now exploring life beyond clinical practice, or perhaps you've been gathering the management credentials but not getting anywhere, you will accelerate your progress  by enrolling in the Career Transition Workshop as your self-paced home study mentor.  And it comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

    You can enroll lin the Online Career Transition Workshop, Career Expansion Audio + Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™ for the special price of only $395 SPECIAL PROMOTION $295

    Purchase now and you will also get these bonus items totaling $147: 

    • Physician Business Leader's Guide to Emotional Intelligence - Audio Program (a $49 Value) - show up in the business world like a professional!

    • Certified Cyber Course (a $49 Value) - don't be a computer dunce

    • Physician Career Transition Reading Resource (a $49 Value)  20 articles on physician career transition written by Francine Gaillour, MD, that will help you think and act strategically about career transition.

    This additional $147 value is yours free and you can access these resources immediately when you purchase the Guide!    

    Just click on the button below to safely enroll in the Career Transition Workshop using your credit card with our Secure Order Form.  

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    Take your first step risk free 

    Physician's Definitive Guide to Career Transition™ comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Enroll in the Online Workshop, work through the Modules step by step, do the assignments and try the strategies risk free for 6 months. If the strategies and information in the home study guide aren't helpful to you, just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your money. 


    Order now via 100% secure online server.
    After your order information is received you will immediately receive an electronic receipt and an email confirmation of your order.


    My passion is helping physicians succeed. I can help you to to get you from "not knowing where to start" to doing fulfilling work you really love.       

    But you have to take the first step!

    I look forward to hearing from you today!

    Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
    Physician Career Coach and Workshop Developer

    P.S.    What if you don't purchase right now . . . where will you be in 3 months?  Still wondering, pondering, doubting, losing energy?

    I promise you that by reading the information and diligently following the steps outlined in the guide, you will be in a whole different frame of mind about your options and possibilities just ONE month from now!

    You don't have to do it alone!  Nor do you have to find your way in the dark!  Take advantage of the wisdom of colleagues who were just like you at one point  . . . . and are now enjoying professional fulfillment in positions and industries where they are stimulated and having a ball!

    You can do it too!  

    Click here to Enroll

    If you aren't ready to invest in your career expansion right now, be sure to get my FREE Career Management Toolkit with assessments, articles and and tips for physicians venturing into new territory with their career.



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