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Do You Want To Become A Recognized Physician Expert In Your Field Of Medicine, Promote Your Practice, And Break Through Your Wealth Ceiling With A Lucrative Income Stream On The Side?

"If You Thought Publishing A Book Or Putting On A Seminar Were Impossible Tasks, There's Finally An Easier Way...

...Discover How The Power Of New Technologies Makes It Easy For You To Create And Profit From Your Own Book Or Audio Seminar In Just 3 Months"

Plus, Find Out Step-By-Step How To Brainstorm Profitable Information Product Ideas, And Then Quickly And Simply Bring Those Ideas To Life (Even On The Hectic And Busy Schedule Most Doctors Have)


Introducing a 6-Teleseminar Mastermind Group Program  -- Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell™ -- for Physicians who want to build additional streams of income or promote their practice by creating e-books, audios, and Information Products

From:  Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians
Executive Director, Association of Physician Speakers, Experts and Consultants (APSEC)


Dear Colleague,

Thank you for wanting to know more about my new Mastermind Group intensive.  I want to share some expert advise with you in this letter, AND I also have a FREE audio presentation of this Program in the middle of this page.

Most of you know that I help physicians advance, change, or beef-up their career.  Did you know that in my "other business" I am a sales and marketing consultant to multi-million dollar organizations? 

And before launching my own consulting and coaching firm seven years ago, I was a Product Marketing Executive for several years with two healthcare IT companies. 

I am one of those rare physicians who "does marketing and sales" -- and actually loves it!

Why am I telling you this?  Because I have been teaching "sales and marketing" to my own private physician clients for many years now.  I do it in two ways:  I help them promote their vision as leaders of healthcare organizations, and I also help them sell their intellectual property, their special expertise, know-how, approach or way with people  in the form of Information Products.


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I am a computer novice, don't enjoy writing, and hate to market myself.  Creating a "Neuro-Feedback eBook" was something I never would have thought of.  It was easy to create, and it's painless marketing.  Francine has a great approach to marketing; I highly recommend her. 

--Dr. Beverly Brashen, Executive Director, Northwest NeuroTraining Center



Consumers are on the Internet looking and paying for good information

Over the past 10 years as first a healthcare technology marketing executive, and then a business owner, I have witnessed--as have you---the incredible evolution of the Internet, and more significantly, the rush to the Internet by consumers looking for healthcare advice.  

What is mind-boggling is the amount of money consumers are spending on healthcare products and advice they get from in the Internet---to the tune of about $1 billion

What I find fascinating now--and heartening-- is the depth and quality of healthcare information currently available through downloadable audio seminars, streaming audio, and eBooks.  This is new compared to even 5 years ago.

Indeed, physicians are finally discovering that they can take the one-hour educational lecture they wish they had time to share with their patients during the exam room visit, and now make it available 24/7 through the Internet as an Information Product.

That's just one of the reasons I want to encourage you to get your "voice" and expertise on the Internet as soon as possible. You are still the most "trusted source" for your patients, your colleagues and community.  It is your educational talk or lecture or approach that your patients want most.   

And now it's easier than ever for you to create Information Products that are not only valuable to your patients and the community at large, but are a vital aspect of total patient care: education.

If you have ever thought about writing a book but can’t see yourself going through the process of traditional publishing, I highly recommend you work with Francine to share your insights, ideas, and wisdom through the accessible and successful eBook route!"   

--Sherri Silesky, Author

Keep in mind: Consumers will continue to shop at bookstores and the Internet to get the health information they need.

What is different now in 2007 and beyond is that you as an individual physician can make your expertise and Information Product easily available to a wider audience through development and delivery mechanisms that are surprisingly easy and low cost.

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A Strategy to Break Through Your Income Ceiling--and do a good service at the same time

The opportunity to do good by providing credible and trustworthy advice through Information Products is also a potentially lucrative one for you. 

Over the past several years I have helped dozens of professionals establish their business presence through the Internet with eBooks, Audio programs, Teleseminars, Articles, Special Reports and other information resources.  

I created this Mastermind Group program because I know that many more physicians have expertise and know-how that consumers AND other physicians are asking and paying for, AND because I know you are looking for ways to create additional streams of income.

The purpose of the program is to help you develop healthcare Information Products that are easy to create in your spare time and easy to sell without investing a bundle in technology, webmasters, PR agents or publishing. 

At the core of the program is a structured curriculum that I will deliver via 6 live Teleseminars over 3 months.   The program will walk you step-by-step, starting with where you are right now to the point where you are ready to market your first (or second!) ebook, audio seminar or other Information Product.  

If you have a consulting or speaking business on the side, this Mastermind Group Program will help you grow your business by marketing yourself and building credibility through Special Reports, audio seminars and other vehicles that showcase your expertise.  Read more on this below.

I knew the answer to the question, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" for years before I met Dr. Gaillour.  What I did not know was how to believe it and achieve it.  Within a few short months of beginning a coaching relationship with Dr. Gaillour, I was making major progress on my passion for speaking, writing, and teaching people how to enjoy outrageous health.  You can make progress on your own, but you can make massive progress with Dr. Gaillour as your coach!"

--Douglas A. Fullington, MD
"Master Motivator of Total Health"


What Kinds of Information Products can You Create and Sell?

Here is a small sample of some of the e-book and audio seminar projects my clients or other  healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs have created for either: a) consumer audiences in general, or b) physician and healthcare executive audiences:


    "How to Stop Smoking, Once and For All" 


    "Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent Cancer" 


    "Healthcare Report Cards: How To Get an A+ in the Public Reporting of Healthcare Quality Data"

    audio seminar

    "Home Made Medicine" 


    "How Millions of Dollars in Physician Bonus Incentives Linked to Improving Quality of Care May Be The Answer for Managed Care" 

    audio seminar

    "Throw Away Your Glasses for Good" 


    "Disease Management: Medicare- Medicaid, Strategies, Outcomes, ROI" 

    audio seminar

    "The Prostate: Everything You Should Know" 

    audio seminar

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What If You Don't Have any Ideas for Topics?  See how one of my clients did it

For most of these "authors and experts" above the content contained in their Information Product is simply based on their own experience.  Other Information Product creators are good at identifying other experts or creating a panel of experts and interviewing them to gather their insights as the basis for the Information Product content. 

You may be wonder ring whether this is something that could work for you.  

Let me want to walk you through the "birth" of an Information Product I am helping one of my clients create right now.   Here is the working title of his Information Product: 


Smile Your Way to Maximum Practice Income™ 

"Revenue Leader of High Grossing Multi-Specialty Clinic Shares 5 Essential Interpersonal Skills Every Physician Should Adopt in Order to Double the Bottom Line"


My client will be creating a full "Toolkit" including an ebook, a set of audio seminars, and a set of checklists --- all of this will be sold and delivered via the Internet (with CD delivery as an option) to practices and physicians who are currently leaving money on the table for lack of a few simple-to-learn "soft skills" of good bedside and curbside manner. 


But let's back up, though, and see how he started:

My client and I came up with the idea for his Information Product in our initial coaching strategy session when we noted that his practice was very successful (like many docs, he had reached his income ceiling a long time ago) and yet his colleagues in the same specialty, in the same building, in the same group, were earning 70-80% less.  

His administrator had frequently acknowledged him for certain engaging communication habits that seemed central to his ability to attract and retain patients.  My client was also a master at earning new referrals from primary care physicians.  

My client offered to to teach these communication skills to members of his group who were interested in optimizing their practice without adding additional marketing expense.   

The result of this one-time training was an "ah-ha" moment:  some very happy colleagues were getting more patients and referrals once they applied the new skills.  


Duplicate and Leverage Yourself

The next step, then, was to develop my client's "duplicate and leverage" strategy: Create an Information Program in the form of a self-learning seminar, ebook, and checklists that any physician across the country can access.  We came up with "Smile Your Way to Maximum Practice Income" and now on it's way to becoming an Information Product and a future source of passive revenue for him.

My client's investment in creating the Information Product will be primarily his time, plus about $125 for the necessary Internet services which he will delegate (By the way, email and Internet surfing are the extent of his computer skills). No travel, no interruption of his busy, enjoyable practice.

My client's main "technology tools" will be his telephone and Dictaphone (someone else is transcribing the content).   And his income potential?  The marketing plan we are putting together includes a pro forma with an income target of 5 figures in the first year.  

Could this be your story in 2007?

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Another Option: Use Your Information Product for Marketing

I have been talking about Information Products for additional revenue potential.  Perhaps you like the idea but the thought of selling a product goes against your grain. 

Keep in mind you don't have to sell your Information Product to make it a valuable investment of your time.  

Some of my clients have created eBooks and audio programs and then make them available for FREE to showcase their expertise, build their practice, or earn credibility as a consultant.  

As a physician consultant--or speaker--an essential strategy to promote your expertise is to create a Special Report, eBook, Audio, or eCourse that covers your unique principles of management and leadership, or change management, or teamwork.  Here are 3 of 12 Topic Idea Templates I routinely make available to my private clients: 


"7 Principles of Healthcare Leadership" 

"5 Essential Habits of Successful Healthcare Executive Teams" 

"5 Dysfunctions of Group Practices and How to Overcome Them"


Every leader has their own "7", "5" or "5" -- so you will still be creating a UNIQUE product. 

When you join the Mastermind Group, I will share an additional 9 "ready-made" Topic Idea Templates for physician experts and leaders that can tastefully promote you and your speaking or consulting business. In fact, I'll also show you how to create one of the products above in less than 2 hours.

Another reason to crate an Information Product is to satisfy your personal mission or personal development journey.  Read on . . .


Consider Creating an Information Product for Your Personal Mission

Let me tell you about a special client I have who created an Information Product when she was at the lowest point of her professional life.

Two years ago I took on a former business owner as a pro bono client.  This woman had recently left her work at the young age of 48 because of worsening Neurofibromatosis (NF) and chronic pain(Note: I accept 3-4 clients a year on a pro bono basis,  and only non-physicians).  

A gifted and humorous writer, she was frequently submitting essays and articles on the NF and chronic pain support Internet sites to keep herself busy.  Eventually she was no longer able to work at all in her business.  

Ironically, her full time "occupation" became the arduous process of navigating the maze of government and local agencies to get enrolled for disability.  This became an additional source of suffering for her. 

When we first started working together, she and I went through an initial coaching process of setting a goal for her that was exciting and energizing AND would take her repertoire of talents and experience to "do good" --even though she was limited physically.  


The Key Resource You Need to Create Your Product is Inspiration

We came up with the idea of an ebook she could write from her laptop computer---while lying on her sofa---that would help other people navigate the maze of getting disability benefits.  

The ebook would be a resource for other people who were perhaps also experiencing chronic pain, or on the verge of being disabled, and could save them the aggravation of what she had to go through.  

Her ebook, "Secrets of Getting Disability Benefits" is an engaging, warm, and often humorous guide, plus a source of comfort. About 65 pages long (typed Word document), it is downloadable from the Internet for a nominal fee to cover the cost of her Internet service provider.   

Although in our pro forma we did not project it would be a huge money-maker, we were thrilled with the number of people downloading her book. [Note: In the Mastermind Group I will teach you how to gauge the size of your potential market.]

What she has received as a "return" on investment of time are dozens of appreciative letters from readers about the positive impact she has made in their lives.  A pretty good Return On Inspiration is how I like to look at it.


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"After the frustrating experience of applying for social security disability, I decided to share my knowledge of the process and lessen the burden for others.  I chose ebook publishing after working with Dr. Francine Gaillour, who taught me how easy and fulfilling it was to do!    Knowing that other people could now avoid the pitfalls and challenges along the way was immeasurably rewarding, and I am currently putting together a second ebook and audio for the millions of people in chronic, intractable pain.  If you have ever thought about writing a book but can’t see yourself going through the process of traditional publishing, I highly recommend you work with Francine to share your insights, ideas, and wisdom through the accessible and successful eBook route!"   

--Sherri Silesky, Author

Create an Information Product to Leave a Legacy

So keep in mind that an Information Product can be used in many ways.  Even if your practice is full to the brim and your income is fabulous, I challenge you to extend your professional and creative boundaries anyway.  

Consider creating an ebook, audio, or other Information Product that can be a legacy--small or large---to others who would really appreciate your wisdom, insight, and encouragement.

p.s. My client is now creating a new product called "How to Lessen Your Suffering From Chronic Pain" which will be a set of audio seminars she will record directly into her laptop (using a $9 special microphone) and upload easily and directly to an Internet site. I will teach you how to create an audio seminar this way too.


Learn and Implement a Solid Product Development and Marketing Strategy

When I work with my private coaching clients, I teach them many strategies over the course of our coaching relationship.  

When it comes to Information Products, what I teach them is my proprietary Product Development and Marketing Strategy, and that is exactly what you will learn in this Mastermind Program:



    What You Will Learn

    What Information Products are; what an ebook, eCourse, Special Report, and audio program look like - I'll refer you to many examples

    What other physicians are doing now with Information Products, and what the income opportunity is for you 

    How to come up with a topic that is natural for you and fits perfectly your experience 

    How to structure the creative development process so the product almost creates itself over the course of 3-8 weeks

    How to price the product and how to sell and delivery it over the Internet, without being a computer-wonk

    How to use the product in a variety of ways, including for additional income, marketing your expertise or to serve your personal mission

     How to set yourself up with a simple but effective intellectual property and merchant structure

    How to package a single topic into different Information Product formats

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Mastermind Program Structure

In this Mastermind Group program I am accepting a limited number of participants in order to ensure that we have a close, collaborative, committed, "cohort" of physicians or other clinicians.  

We will meet as a group for six Live Teleseminars that I will present over 3 months, starting in June, 2007 (see Program schedule at the bottom of the page).  

In addition to the live Teleseminars, the Mastermind Group Program includes live mentoring, and an online Group Journal for between-session collaboration.  

I will also audio record every Teleseminar for you, so don't worry if you have to miss a session.  Of course there will be valuable and informative handouts, links and resources.  

As an extra bonus I will give you templates to help you quickly structure your product content for ebooks and audio seminars.  You will also have templates for product introductions, development, delivery, and Internet management.   


Please Note our Refund Policy:  My goal is to help you create an Information Product by the end of the Program.  The Mastermind process is intense--At the end of the three months your Product will be available for marketing or well on its way.  This is a working forum, and therefore there is a Program fee commensurate with what you will achieve.  The Program is for serious physicians who want to turn their Intellectual Property or expertise into Information Products that can be sold on the Internet or used to market your business.  Once the Program commences there are no refunds.  If you feel you need to drop out, you can take another "Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell" Mastermind Program I will offer in the summer or fall.



Free Orientation Presentation - right now, right here

If you are interested in creating and marketing Information Products, I know you want to hear more so you can decide whether this program is right for you.  

Just in case you missed my FREE Live Teleconference Orientation, I prepared an online audio presentation that you can view at your convenience, anytime 24/7.  If you have questions afterward, email us or call my Inquiry and Support line.

Just click in the middle of the big blue box below where it says "Click to Play presentation" and you will hear the details about this exciting new program for physicians who want to leverage their experience and expertise into profitable information products.

Once you've had a chance to review the program, Registration instructions are at the bottom of this page. 

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"Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell™" 

Presented by: Francine R. Gaillour, MD

20-minute Program Orientation

Download Audio:



"Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell" Mastermind Group Program 
will be held on the following dates:
Six Tuesdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5:00 PM PT):
March 13 and 27, April 17, May 1, 15, and 29  Spring Group is SOLD OUT
Fall Mastermind Group starts August 21, Sep 4, 18, Oct 2, 16, 30 

How to Register


A Recap of What you get:

Live Access
Use a telephone number and a special PIN number to participate in the live Teleseminars



6 Live Teleseminars 
75-minute-long Teleseminars attended by your cohort of like-minded physicians, and facilitated by Dr. Francine Gaillour


Curriculum-based learning Modules
Each module is based on actual strategies used successfully by me, my clients, AND my own mentors



Live Group Mentoring
Each Teleseminar session will have a segment for group coaching and mentoring so you get real-time assistance


Recording of each Teleseminar
Click on a link to listen immediately, or save MP3 recordings of the seminar to your computer


Participant-only webpage
Convenient Student-only web-page with links to valuable references, Program materials, audio, handouts


Handouts for each Teleseminar
Downloadable Teleseminar notes (or we will fax to you if you prefer) outlining key strategies and techniques


Business Templates 
Downloadable business templates you can use for program description, program delivery, sales receipts and introductions -- you don't have to reinvent the wheel!


Online Group Journal
Online Group Journal for cohort collaboration, questions, and  online mentoring between Teleseminar sessions


Private Coaching
Private one-on-one Business Strategy "laser coaching" session with Francine - anytime during the program




** Early Bird** before July 23, 2007


 *Special bonus for "Early Birds" * 

Receive a one-year Standard membership in the "Association of Physician Speakers, Experts, and Consultants" - a $198 value




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I am looking forward to helping you break through your income ceiling by leveraging your experience, expertise and knowledge.  Join a group of like-minded physicians to create and collaborate together in this upcoming Mastermind Group coaching intensive. 

Best regards,







p.s. If Making Your Medical Knowledge Sell is intriguing to you, don't hold back because you can't think of any ideas for an Information Product.  Many of clients are astounded to hear the kinds of ideas that are authentically within them, and that I can uncover within 30 minutes of speaking with them.  It's time to take your "local" good works and make them available to a global audience.  I truly enjoy helping physicians to discover their talents and expertise, to package these up and create financially and emotionally rewarding products.  I look forward to having you in the Program.

p.s.s. Be sure to look into my other Mastermind Program launching in March:  "Be a Healthcare Consultant" click here


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