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TEAMWORK in PCMH: How Well Are Health Systems Developing This Competency?

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The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an idea whose time has come—although it’s not a new concept.  Internal Medicine, Family Physicians and Pediatricians all claim to have proposed this idea 20+ years ago. In fact, for those of us who were practicing 20 years ago PCMH sounds like the way we practiced all the time […]

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Physician Leaders Benefit From Revisiting “The Fifth Discipline”

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A  conversation with a leader this week prompted me to recommend Peter Senge’s excellent classic, The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization.  Originally published in 1994, Senge introduces the concept of “the learning organization.’ I recall health systems were enthusiastic about this concept many years ago, and I discern an uptick […]

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Integrating Healthcare Organizations Present Three Transformation Coaching Opportunities

I came across an excellent article by Dan Zismer in ACPE Journal, on the psychology of newly integrating healthcare organizations: The Psychology of Organizational  Structure in Integrated Health System. Zismer is becoming a thought leader on the topic of integrated healthcare and leadership structure required to lead this new paradigm of care. One of the topics […]

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“Physician, HEEL Thyself” Tells a Sad Tale of Physicians and Nurses

My eye caught what I thought was a typo in the New York Times last week: HEEL…. instead of HEAL… “Physician, Heel Thyself” is a biting story by Theresa Brown, a nurse and NYT blogger, about her experience getting verbally clubbed by a physician.  Ouch…. I felt embarrassed for my profession.  It is shocking to […]

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Physician Leaders: Reposition Your Role to Stay Engaged

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A recent session I hosted for physician leaders highlighted the “evolution” of a physician leader’s journey:  Where do you go next when you’re at the pinnacle of your career?  At the top of the heap? Or maybe you’re finding yourself at a professional plateau after just a few years in practice. For some physician leaders, […]

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Physician Leaders and Their Accountability for Primary Care Shortage

An article in the Wall Street Journal, “Medical Schools Can’t Keep Up” projects a shortage of 150,000 physicians in 15 years got me thinking about what role physician leaders must take in addressing what will be be a shortage of primary care physicians.. If you ask physicians how to make family medicine more attractive to […]

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What Can Military Medicine Teach Physician Leaders?

This month’s issue of the ACPE’s Physician Executive highlights Military Medicine. The timing is interesting for me because over the past six months I’ve been supporting physician adoption of technology in military health facilities through a Department of Defense contractor, KSJ Associates. Not having any experience in military medicine, this project has been fascinating on […]

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How to Get Physicians to Work Together to Achieve Quality Goals?

How do physician leaders get physicians to work together to achieve quality goals? At the recent annual ACPE meeting, a focus group was pulled together by McKesson corporation to address that topic. “Nine physician executives volunteered to participate in the study. They came from a variety of different positions and many were still in practice. […]

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HBR: Turning Doctors Into Leaders

Lots of buzz about the article in the most recent issue of Harvard Business Review, “Turning Doctors Into Leaders,” by Thomas Lee, network president of Partners HealthCare System, in Boston, and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Physician leaders who read the article will resonate with the ideas — not much new there.  […]

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NY TIMES: More Doctors Giving Up Private Practices

An excellent article in the New York Times highlights one of the “hottest” topics in healthcare: specialists anxiously seeking out hospitals to buy their practices. Integration has been the holy grail of healthcare for many years, yet few physicians saw merit to being an employee. In my travels across the country in the past 3 […]

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Physicians Can Benefit from “Happiness Coaching”

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An enjoyable article in today’s Wall Street Journal “Happiness Coaching Comes to the Workplace” highlights the value of structured programs (seminars) and coaching to improve the mood and attitudes of workers.  The article features Dr. Ivelisse Rivera, a physician at Community Health Center, Middletown, Conn., who learns the benefits of adjusting her mood and attitude […]

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A Mentoring Guide for Academic Physician Leaders

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If you are an Academic Medicine faculty member, the role of “mentor” is frequently included in your role description.  How do you know whether you are doing that job well? Perhaps your only hint is your frustration that your junior colleagues are not showing the improvement you hoped for. On the flip side, are you […]

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