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Physician Leaders, Take Time to Acknowledge Your Team

One of the most effective, albeit overlooked, “actions” a physician leader can implement in their day-to-day world of management is to take one minute, one a week to acknowledge the work of their staff, team members and colleagues. The Gallup Organization’s research on what makes good managers effective—as discussed in their classic book, “First Break All the […]

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America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary Care – The New Yorker

This is an excellent, thoughtful essay by Dr. Atul Gawande on the avalanche of unnecessary often harmful care that we physicians are inflicting on patients, and that families and taxpayers are tolerating. How can we transform the situation. Millions of people get tests, drugs, and operations that won’t make them better, may cause harm, and cost billions. […]

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How To Make Yourself Unforgettable | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

This is a fun article for all physicians to read, whether or not you feel you “need” to be memorable.  Most of the principles fall into the category of “how are you showing up in the world?” Particularly if you are a physician leader, business person or innovator, getting your voice and message out there […]

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What the Dalai Lama Taught Daniel Goleman About Emotional Intelligence – HBR

An intriguing interview with Goleman explores the capacity of empathy and compassion and how this can impact our work (and life). “…. ask ourselves if there is something that limits our vision — that limits our capacity to care? And is there a way to enlarge it?” That is at crux of great teams! Source: What the Dalai […]

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Impact of Organizational Leadership on Physician Burnout and Satisfaction – Mayo Study Supports Physician Coaching

A timely and tremendous study just published by Tait D. Shanafelt, MD et al in the Mayo Clinic Proceeding, “Impact of Organizational Leadership on Physician Burnout and Satisfaction,” describes how leadership effectiveness (or lack of) can directly impacts physician satisfaction.  I have no doubt this will be a landmark study that will inspire healthcare organizations to rethink how they […]

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Physician Success Notes Audio Series–The “mini-MBA”–is now a free resource

I am please to announce that my Physician Success Notes audio learning  is now available as a free coaching resource.  Previously this “mini-MBA” was a resource I made available only to my private clients or to health systems whose physicians I was  team coaching. These 10-minute “Physician Success Notes” audio seminars are delivered to you by email every […]

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Finding the Coaching in Criticism: HBR Explores Why Feedback Doesn’t Work

In the January-February issue of Harvard Business Review, authors Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone explore a conundrum in their article, Find the Coaching in Criticism:  Feedback is important, and yet, feedback doesn’t work. More from the article:  What makes receiving feedback so hard? The process strikes at the tension between two core human needs—the need […]

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Collaboration and Creativity in Healthcare: Can They Coexist?

A New York Times article, “The Rise of New Groupthink,” shares intriguing insights about the conditions that foster “creativity.” Contrary to popular belief, “brainstorming” sessions do not produce innovation. Shock! Well, if you’re a creative person, you’re no so shocked.  Many of my clients who are creative and strategic thinkers know they need “alone time” […]

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Does Creativity Matter in Healthcare? 5 Rules for a Creative Culture

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An interesting article worth reading in Fast Company about the company MailChimp highlights their approach to building a culture where creativity is encouraged.  In healthcare our emphasis is on reducing variation and developing standards of practice.  Physicians in general are analytical by natural selection, but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for creativity.  The question […]

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Engaging and Changing Behavior: What Physician Leaders Can Learn From Research in Data Presentation

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I ran across this interesting TEDMED presentation, given by Thomas Getz, Executive Director of Wired.  Initially I was prepared to be skeptical (hey I’m a doc!) about what he might advise on the topic of “redesigning medical data.”  His recommendations, based on research his organization conducted on what causes people to change behavior when it […]

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People Are Not Cogs: How We Can Be GREAT in Healthcare

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A piercing and entertaining article in Harvard Business Review online, “People Are Not Cogs,” by Nilofer Merchant, author of The New How, offers keen insights worth considering by healthcare executives and physician leaders. Merchant makes some incisive points about how industry has traditionally measured productivity and hence factored in the ‘value’ of the individuals on […]

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Physician, What Hinders Your Vision? 10 Obstacles to Overcome

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We see things not as they are, but as we are. (This quote is attributed to several sources, including the Talmud). Ever wonder what factors  limit your ability to see beyond today’s possibilities? Or what keeps your organization or practice from achieving the results you see other groups can meet?  Or what keeps YOU from […]

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