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"The Step-By-Step Plan To Leverage
Your Medical Knowledge Into A Lucrative Consulting Practice"

Find Out How Savvy Physicians And Leaders Are Taking The Valuable Skills And Experience They've Developed To Eager Organizations Nationwide, And Creating Profitable New Careers Or Part Time Additional Revenue Streams...

Introducing a 6-Teleseminar Mastermind Group Program  -- Be a Healthcare Consultant -- for Physicians who want to build additional streams of income or start a new career as a healthcare consultant

From:  Francine Gaillour, MD, MBA, FACPE
Executive and Career Coach for Physicians
Executive Director, Physician Coaching Institute
Executive Director, Association of Physician Speakers, Experts and Consultants (APSEC)

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for wanting to know more about my new Mastermind Group intensive.  I want to share some expert advise with you in this letter, AND I also have a FREE audio presentation of this Program in the middle of this page.

Most of you know that I help physicians advance, change, or beef-up their career.  Did you know that in my "other business" I am a sales and marketing consultant to multi-million dollar organizations? 

And before launching my own consulting and coaching firm seven years ago, I was a Product Marketing Executive for several years with two healthcare IT companies. 

I am one of those rare physicians who "does marketing and sales" -- and actually loves it!  

Why am I telling you this?  Because I have been teaching "sales and marketing" to my own private physician clients for many years now.  I do it in two ways:  I help them promote their vision as leaders of healthcare organizations, and I also help them sell their special expertise, know-how, approach or way with people as consultants, advisors, trainers, coaches, and experts.

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I knew the answer to the question, "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" for years before I met Dr. Gaillour.  What I did not know was how to believe it and achieve it.  Within a few short months of beginning a coaching relationship with Dr. Gaillour, I was making major progress on my passion for speaking, writing, and teaching people how to enjoy outrageous health.  You can make progress on your own, but you can make massive progress with Dr. Gaillour as your coach!"

--Douglas A. Fullington, MD
"Master Motivator of Total Health"


A Strategy to Break Through Your Income Ceiling

Over the years as a marketing executive, and then as a business owner,  I certainly have had my share of awkward moments, clutzy phone calls, and less-than-smooth conversations with prospective clients. But I also learned and implemented many techniques and strategies for launching and managing a lucrative consulting business.  

For over 7 years I have been teaching these business strategies only to my private physician clients who are consulting either internally in their organization or externally.  Now I want to invite you to learn these same strategies.

Because I know that many more physicians have expertise and know-how that healthcare organizations are asking for, and because I know you are looking for ways to create additional income, I created this Mastermind Group program.  

The purpose of the program is to help you launch a successful consulting business or grow your current consulting business

At the core of the program is a structured curriculum that I will deliver via 6 live Teleseminars over 3 months.   The program will walk you step-by-step, starting with where you are right now to the point where you are ready to hang your shingle with confidence, knowing exactly how you will attract your first clients.  

If you already have a consulting business, the Mastermind Group Program will help you close the gaps in your Strategic Plan so you can successfully market you business and deliver programs that fit your particular expertise.  

"A few years ago I started a consulting business . Problems I have been struggling with for years have been resolved within weeks of working with Francine.  I recently signed on a multi-billion dollar healthcare corporation for a significant consulting engagement, the process made much easier with her expert assistance. Francine is a natural coach. Her excellent listening skills combined with her vast experience in the medical business world have helped me achieve “a hah!” moments."

Frederic Tobis, MD, Principal, Tobis Healthcare Solutions, LLC

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What Can You Do as a Consultant?

Here is a small sample of projects my physician clients are doing as external or internal consultants:

 * Redesigning the operations of an emergency room
 * Improving communication and morale in a physician group practice
 * Helping a health plan roll out physician-developed "report cards"
 * Creating a new curriculum for a medical school
 * Advising a healthcare IT start up on product direction
 * Developing an operations-improvement plan for a clinic
 * Developing a wellness program for corporate employees 
 * Serving as advisor and medical liaison to decision support company

For most of these doctors, acting as a healthcare consultant was a serendipitous  career move.  In their role as clinician or leader, they had achieved significant results, or launched initiatives, or made improvements, or found they had a special way of communication, and then over time--sometimes years--they found themselves being asked to help other organizations, nationwide. And of course, creating a new stream of income came along with that. 

This can be YOUR story too!   But you don't have to wait for it to happen over several years.  You can start writing that story now. 

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Learn and Implement a Solid Business Strategy

What these physicians all needed when we first started working together was a Business Strategy, and that is what you will learn in the Mastermind Program:


What You Will Learn

Understand the difference between business model, service model, and market niche--and which is the right type of each for YOU 
How to market yourself without feeling "creepy"
How to price your services without selling yourself short
How to sell your services with ease and without freezing up in fear
How to set yourself up with a simple but effective legal, accounting and technology structure
How to package your services so CLIENTS find it easy to say "I want you"
How to package your services so YOU say, "I love this!"
How to manage clients so they gladly give you repeat business


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Mastermind Program Structure

In this Mastermind Group program I am accepting a limited number of participants in order to ensure that we have a close, collaborative, committed, "cohort" of physicians.  

We will meet as a group for six Live Teleseminars that I will present over 3 months, starting in March, 2007 (see Program schedule at the bottom of the page).  

In addition to the live Teleseminars, the Mastermind Group Program includes live mentoring, and an online Group Journal for between-session collaboration.  

I will also audio record every Teleseminar for you, so don't worry if you have to miss a session.  Of course there will be valuable and informative handouts, links and resources.  

As an extra bonus I will give you business templates you can use right away for proposals, sales presentations, invoices, and agreements.  

Please Note our Refund Policy:  My goal is to get you launched. The Mastermind process is intense--At the end of the three months your consulting firm will be launched or well on its way.  This is a working forum, and therefore there is a Program fee commensurate with what you will achieve.  The Program is for serious physicians who want to be successful healthcare consultants.  Once the Program commences there are no refunds.  If you feel you need to drop out, you can take another "Be a Healthcare Consultant" Mastermind Program I will offer in the summer or fall.

Free Orientation Presentation - right here, right now

If you are interested in being a healthcare consultant, I know you want to learn whether this program is right for you.  Just in case you missed my FREE Live Teleconference Orientation, I prepared  this online audio presentation that you can view at your convenience, anytime 24/7.  If you have questions afterward, email us or call my Inquiry and Support line.

Just click in the middle of the big blue box below where it says "Click to Play presentation" and you will hear the details about this exciting new program for physicians who want to leverage their experience into a profitable healthcare consulting business.

Once you've had a chance to review the program, Registration instructions are at the bottom of this page. 




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"Be a Healthcare Consultant" 

Presented by: Francine R. Gaillour, MD 

20-minute Program Orientation

Download Audio:





"Be a Healthcare Consultant" Mastermind Group Program 
will be held on the following dates:
Six Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5:00 PM PT):
March 14 and 28, April 18, May 2, 16, and 3 Spring group is SOLD OUT
Fall Mastermind Group starts August 22, Sep 5, 19, Oct 3, 17, 31 


How to Register

A Recap of What you get:

Live Access
Use a telephone number and a special PIN number to participate in the live Teleseminars


6 Live Teleseminars 
75-minute-long Teleseminars attended by your cohort of like-minded physicians, and facilitated by Dr. Francine Gaillour
Curriculum-based learning Modules
Each module is based on actual strategies used successfully by me, my clients, AND my own mentors


Live Group Mentoring
Each Teleseminar session will have a segment for group coaching and mentoring so you get real-time assistance
Recording of each Teleseminar
Click on a link to listen immediately, or save MP3 recordings of the seminar to your computer
Participant-only webpage
Convenient Student-only web-page with links to valuable references, Program materials, audio, handouts
Handouts for each Teleseminar
Downloadable Teleseminar notes (or we will fax to you if you prefer) outlining key strategies and techniques
Business Templates 
Downloadable business templates you can use for proposals, sales presentations, agreements, invoices -- you don't have to reinvent the wheel!
Online Group Journal
Online Group Journal for cohort collaboration, questions, and  online mentoring between Teleseminar sessions
Private Coaching
Private one-on-one Business Strategy "laser coaching" session with Francine - anytime during the program



* Early Bird* before July 23, 2007

 ** Special bonus for "Early Birds" ** 

Receive a one-year Standard membership in APSEC, the "Association of Physician Speakers, Experts, and Consultants" - a $198 value


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I am looking forward to helping you break through your income ceiling by leveraging your experience, expertise and knowledge.  Join a group of like-minded physicians to create and collaborate together in this upcoming Mastermind Group coaching intensive. 

Best regards,







p.s. One of my coaching clients enrolled his first  big corporate consulting engagement a month ago---the corporation insisted on paying him in advance for the work he'll do in 2007.  Now that's the kind of news that really makes my heart sing!  I truly enjoy helping physicians to discover their talents, to package these up and create a financially and emotionally rewarding business.  I look forward to having you in the Program.

p.s.s. Be sure to look into my other Mastermind Group Program:  "Make Your Medical Knowledge Sell"  click here


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